Tuesday, June 14, 2011

a plan to re-watch

The Back-Up Plan movie is actually had shown on 2010. I did watched it, in cinema mind you. But I dunno y (out of nowhere); like so sudden tingat kt cter nie.. And feels desperately wanna watch diz movie again. But too bad, I dun have a copy or even download it. And d worst part is I never buy any DVD movie so, am not sure either it's still available in DVD's shop or not.

I really wanna re-watch diz movie cos it's wonderful and hilarious (now we use d right word for the right movie to describe it) MySpace and it would be more interesting if I can make it as my Sunday movie for this week.

Point to add: It would be much much more interesting if I could watch diz movie together with you. *wink*

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Video Version; Jakarta - Bandung

We read the menu for a long minutes and end up couldn't understand anything. Thank God the waitress is so helpful and tabah explain utk ktowg. huhu..

Abang being so cute and childish akibat kebosanan tgu di airport.
Then, my two lil brothers pown follow die jugak.
Funny n glew la diowg nieh. Langsung x behave. lolol

This is when we were in Kawah Putih..
Tempat tue damn sjuk ogey.
But seriously, it's a beautiful place.