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messy itu INDAH...

Time kte rushing, msti mcm2 jd kn.. Laptop yg elok2 pon bley jd hang, tgh b'jln, kasut tetiba ptus, bju da iron elok2, bley plak t'tumpah air n mcm2 lg.. Korg pon msti penah face things like dat gak kn?? Otherwise, lets consider u r a lucky person. hee~

Same goes to me, things will turned more chaotic when I need to complete something immediately or I'm on the run of something urgent.. Time tue jugak la mcm2 je] nk jd.. Bnda yg mmg beyond the expectation and I obviously didn't prepared for dat. Since lately my life kinda messy bcoz of keje a.k.a assignment yg b'timbun-timbun (k, after diz post i totally will stop talking bout asmnts.. cuz nti korg nk t'muntah lak bce blog I yg x abesh2 complain psl asmnt.. huu~) So, ada la few things happened (bkn I unlucky) tp cm pretty klakar la.. Cuz I sndri t'gelak ble jd bnda2 yg x spatutnye t'jd. heh. (actually, bnda tue jd sbb slh I sndri jugak..) hu3..
Contoh yg penah t'jd kt I ble I rushing, hmm.. I g let…


Ouh, I'm so sleepy rite now n I should complete my assignmentssss but my eyes can't stay open perfectly. haish. Yes, I still have load of works to do.. Juz take a look at d sticky notes at my noteboard (inside d big red circle). Hmm.. dew 4 je kn.. Tp dlm 2 ada at least two tasks need to accomplish. huuu~ MALASnyeeee~~!!!!

p/s: I da x tau cmne nk handle kemalasan nie lg.. sumbody plz help me ere.. ngee~ tlg bg tips sket. hee~