Saturday, February 23, 2013

Sweaty Saturday

Didn't I told you that I hate sweat? 
Yeah, as much as I love my body ;)

Changing your lifestyle after 26 years ain't easy though. However, considering to live longer, we need to live healthier right? 

Hence, I've sort of come to a point in my life that I need to wake up from my long bouts of rest. Exercise is of vital importance! 

Since it keeps reverberating in my head, I've decided to drag myself up for a workout after performed Subuh this morning. And I can't believe I feel so buoyant and refreshed! In that case, I'd love to do it every weekend. We'll see! ;)


  1. ehem ehem! hahaha hi sayang, congrats dah tunang :) sorry lambat wish, baru nampak gambar! you look sgt sgt gorgeous in pink!! just wanna wish you the best, insyaAllah dapat jumpa lg!

  2. ehem ehem darling!! what a surprise!! dah lama baru muncul nieh.. keke.. baru prasan ea? thanks dear.. in sha Allah.. mana tau u sudi dtg on my big day.. boleh jupa! ;)

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