Sunday, January 20, 2013

BTS: My Engagement Day


I know it has been a while but here's a treat, Behind The Scenes (BTS) of my engagement day! ;)

22-12-12 is the date that I'm officially engaged to the man I wholeheartedly love, Incik Pensyarah. Alhamdulillah, the ceremony went so well; filled with the positive vibes, joy and incredible bond that everyone shares. 

Since pink is my favorite color (yeah, everyone knows that) I've came out with the idea of Princess theme. And of course, everything has to be in pink color! haha.. 

The Preparations

Canopies: Abah & Mama rented from Encik Razak - recommended by our relatives. Since it's an intimate ceremony attended by relatives and close friends, two canopies should be more than enough to accommodate about 200 people. It's a pyramid canopy with ceiling fan and decorated beautifully with pink-and-white scallop. 

Door Gifts: Mama wanted to give something meaningful and not to be wasted so, Yaasin is the best! Tapi takkan nk bagi Yaasin semata-mata right? Hence, we bought pink paper bag that has cute ribbon at front and put inside; Yaasin, minyak gamat (Langkawi's trademark there), car pendant with the name of Allah s.w.t and Muhammad s.a.w., sweets for kids and not to forget, bunga telur! My conservative Mama. -_-"

Catering: This part was really tough because it's quite last minute for us to find one good caterer. We have few in the list tapi semua dah fully booked since December is a "wedding month". Sigh. Lucky us to have the available one, Zaini Catering and masa tu memang dah dekat sangat dengan tarikh majlis. In fact, the deal was made all over the phone. We never met him to have a proper discussion and the best part is, never taste his food! Memang gamble habis. T_T And when relatives asked about the catering, Mama replied, "Tawakal je la. Kalau sedap, Alhamdulillah. Kalau tak sedap, itu rezeki kita." 

But I bet everyone is happy with the foods, sampai ada yang ulang makan 2 kali. Alhamdulillah.. =) 

Mini Dais: Mak (my future MIL) suggested her friend, Cik Ta, the owner of Ku D' Anggun (the same wedding planner for the actress, Izreen Azminda's) to do the mini dais. Honestly, I can't imagine how it's gonna be during our meeting. I was trying so hard to have a sketch in my head, but failed. Fortunately, it turned out so pretty! \(^_^)/

Hantaran: We agreed to have a small number of trays for exchange; 5 berbalas 7. Besides gorgeous and stunning gold ring with diamond, castle cake is my favorite hantaran. ;) While for the hantaran trays and decoration I would love to give credit to Lia Florist.

The taste is as good as it looks. 

Make up: I have to admit that my biggest concern is on make up and hair style because I don't want they put a ton of make-up on my face. Selama ni make up sendiri and bila kena orang make-up kan rasa takut sgt. Takut jadi monster. huhu. But Mak assured me that Cik Pah (her friend as well) will do her best for me. Alhamdulillah, ramai yang puji cantik. =) 

Funny part was when Incik Pensyarah asked me to take off the false eyelashes, 
"tak payah la pakai bulu mata palsu tu. Bulu mata sayang kan dah panjang..
-____- '

And my hair, big thanks to the life saver - Maurice Saloon. 

Owh btw, Aya really surprised me with her beautiful hand bouquet special made for me. Ouch! ;')

Attire: Lots of people have been asking me who did for my dress and how much it cost. Well, I have no idea how much it cost because Mak is the one who sewn it and designed by my future BIL. The dress is so amazing and the veil with chiffon band and sequins are just perfect! Thank you Mak & Acik. I love you both so much! 

The Day: 


And The Princess is so blessed. Alhamdulillah.. 

photos credit: Artogroup

BFF Aya, the one who did hand bouquet for me!
Honored to have her.. 
BFF Aida!!
She got so frustrated when arrived a bit late.
But hey, I still love ya! 
Childhood best friend, Que with his fiancee, Ayu
High School mates
From Left: Hanim, Me, Aya and Tirah
Diploma's Classmate, Ajie 
Degree's Partner-in-Crime, Sha
Aten, si sempoi Degree's classmate. 
Degree's classmate, Mazni si ayu. 
Maxis ex-colleague, Kak Nur with her daughter, Ain
Cousie, Along
His friends.
From left: Julie, Lala, Zurin with her daughter, Hana, Me, Incik Pensyarah, Cikgu, Lampi & Epul


from Aida
from Sha
from Aten and Mazni
To all family, friends and guests who came, THANK YOU for being a part of one of the happiest days of my life. Thank you for making me feel so loved and special, it wouldn't have been the same if you hadn't graced us with you presence. And for the gifts, believe me they are all amazing and pretty! Thank you for your generosity and thoughtfulness!

Last but not least, to my parents, thank you so much for voluntarily especially in the financing parts and never failed to give us; Incik Pensyarah and I your love, blessing and support.. I'm so grateful to have Abah and Mama who are more than willing to help me out in full-swing along the preparations til the day of the ceremony. There's no words to describe how much I love you, Abah & Mama. :')

And to my brothers, I'm so lucky to have you guys. They don't bother to wear nice clothe during the event because they were too busy lend a hand where they were needed. So, they only wore T-Shirt. Owh, I'm so touched!  

love that never fades

Thanks all.


  1. tahniah comel sangat majlis,,,

  2. congratulation and your clothes is soo nice! :)

    psst, you're so lucky girl ~

  3. thank you so much Roseate.. Alhamdulillah.. :)

  4. sayang. i nak pelamin tu please.

  5. of course u can.. tp majlis kne buat kt kedah la.. hehe

  6. alif-kaf-waw JELES ok......
    np pic aq xda kat ctu..

  7. hahaha.. sebab ang tak mai majlis aku.. sentop nok~ =p