Sunday, April 8, 2012

Taking Baby Steps

YELLO!!! *it's a Hello yelling neway.  =p  So, it's April already? And I haven't got d chance to say goodbye to March. Been super-duper-busy with multiple works. I'm so worn out. sigh. Hitherto, March really treat me great. And I hope April too. 

EsDean Ent is now officially operated on ground besides doing it online. So, we're start with booth instead of straightly open a shop. We're new in this kind of trading business and we need to start from small 'a'. There are lots of things to be considered.  Obviously the demographic and psychographic in Langkawi is totally different with KL. So, I should have known how 'open' they are to the so-called-new-trend that I will bring in. 

We've got so many plan to be done, so many idea to work out and so many energy to use.  And I'm so thankful to have family that always be supportive and helpful. Honestly, am not capable to do this alone.  Am working in the day and finish at 5p.m. At 6.30p.m. am already in our lot and open till 12 midnight. 4 days in a row in every weeks. It's crazy and damn tiring to be honest. But then again, it's so worth it and satisfy me cos I do what I wanna do. 

We still need to climb the stairs which very high and such a long way to go. But I always keep Mama's keyword; "Sabar" together with my self-motivation; "No pain, No gain" It takes a lot of hard work, energy and time to success. But if you stay strong and keep believes in your dream, in sya Allah, it may comes true.  Amin.. =)

In our first-day-open

My adik also wants to bring his printed T-Shirt

Thinking of the arrangement.

Mama with her jubah collection
I actually proposed to her to open Abaya house with her own label; Soleha Collections.
Sounds cool aite?

Am trying to bring the vintage style.

p/s: Later will update on our collections.


  1. sayang! is this the one that you tak sabar tu? weeeee. too bad, you buka kat langkawi. kalau tak i datang! miss you. :)

  2. hehehe.. sort of.. tue la psl.. jaoh.. xpew, nti i wat purchase online jugak.. teheee~ =DD miss you lots princess!! ;-)

  3. chicks!!i lost ur mobile no. nnt text aq ae?! aq nk invite hg dtg wed buncik aq bln 6 tuh aq cuti 1 wik!! jgn lupa contact hp aq..nk borak privately susah la wea..cpt ckt taw!!