Monday, March 26, 2012

Somebody That I Used To Know

Just go behind the words and u'll find it such a meaningful song. 
Me love it! 

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tangan Hitam

So, here's the answer of my previous entry, Teaser: Tangan Hitam 1 & 2

On last 17th to 19th February, I had a reunion with my degree classmates which had been planned since last year. They came out with 3 options of venue; 1-Singapore (I've been there), 2-Bandung (I've been there), 3-Langkawi (HELL, it's my hometown!!!!) I was like, ARE YOU KIDDING ME GUYS???! >.<

I really wanted to go somewhere else; where I've never been. Please, this is our super first reunion. Takkan la nk wt kt my hometown? FOR REAL??!! Sumpah, at first I mmg t'tekan-tekan-tekan ngan all options given. Nk meraung pun ada. Why on earth Langkawi is one of their options? Whyyyyyyyy Langkawi??? We can go to Pulau Perhentian, Pulau Tioman, Pulau Sipadan, and so much more Pulau ada kt Malaysia nie. But they chose Pulau Langkawi instead! Haihhhhhhhhhh~ 

But I can't do anything with it cos it's suara majoriti that wanted to come to Langkawi. And me? TERPAKSA redha. =_="

But hey, there's a good thing la when they chose Langkawi. Well at least, I dun have to spend much for this reunion. I dun need to pay for flight ticket, accommodation, rent car and shopping?? A great escapism from spending my money. hehehe.. Thanks guys! You guys SAVE MY MONEY! yeaaaaay!! =p

We didn't do anything on the Friday cos they only arrived at 9.30pm (p/s: they are all still working in a day). So, they just check-in to their chalet and get enough rest for Saturday's activity which is; SNORKELING BEBEH!!! =DD

Saturday: On our way to Jetty.
Sha, Me and Aten

Heading to Pulau Payar
Welcome to Pulau Payar
(Confident pkai short sleeve cos da pkai sunblock. Konon confirm x burn. pfffft..)

Nice view ha?
The girls
From left-Back row: Laila, Aliya, Me and Mazni
Front row: Alin, Aten and Sha

Bekalan breakfast yg x ckup.
Cian diowg lapar. huhu.. 

Sesi warm-up. teheee~

They got so excited with that thing cos they thought it's Gamat (which is NOT!)
We had dinner at Bamboo Restaurant
They're craving seafood. huhu.. 
Aliya and Me
The next day (Sunday), they went to Oriental Village a.k.a Cable Car.  Wajib kot dtg Langkawi naik Cable Car. huhu..

Oriental Village gateway

Then, they went for a shopping (which is their main reason why they chose Langkawi - owh, I noeeeeeeee~); chocolates (wajib shopping), pinggan mangkuk and perfumes at Pekan Kuah.

And our last photo session was in Dataran Lang.

Nice shot!
Credit to my younger brother, bg. cik. 

It feels so different to explore my own place, my hometown with friends. Such amazing experience to do things together with them; we chat lots, we make jokes, we swim together, we laugh, we fight, and  we really HAD FUN!! In sya Allah, we're planning to have another reunion in the future. We go outbound bole? heee~ =DD

Owh, by the way, am suffering after they left. Know why?

TANGAN saya HITAM!!!!!!