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Making Fun

yeah, for real people.

Obviously, am in a serious boredom zone right now. Semakin hari, semakin merepek je update blog nie. CRAP CRAP CRAP!

Eh, berenti update je la. Bole?


  1. arrrr.. wig sapekah yg kusut tuh? sgt x ssuwai u ols!! hg kt na skg? dh start bsness?

  2. hahaha.. aku pinjam wig dlm photoscape (edit jew dowh) ngee~ aku kt lgkwi skarg.. ari tue aku g keja.. tp skarg blk bercuti.. kerana kesihatan tdk mengizinkan.. heee~ =DD

  3. oh boleh plak cam tu ek heheheh

  4. erk, bole yg mne satu tue en zarul? hehehe..

  5. memang hensem pun camtue, tgk pun dah mcm 'terpikat'.. hahah, main2 jela, nice one, p maen puzzle, mcm lg best kan...

  6. amer: ensem kan I? hehehe.. maen puzzle? malas la.. x sukew puzzle2 nie.. =p

    Meuz: 9gag? wat's dat? sowie~ x tawu.. (^_^)v

  7. hadoyay!! lgkwi la puleks!! aq nk payung hg ticket adnan sempit2 nih plus pakej bpoya2 lagik.. camna nih?!

  8. uish. ini menguji keimanan.. mengapakah offer dikala aku jaoh nun berbatu-batu?? huhu..

    p/s: jgn t'kejut klaw tiba2 aku balik kl nti.. confirm tuntut.. hahaha

  9. wa tadahal babe..bukan salu kn..hg tuh,sila cpt sembuh!! nnt roger when u kambek k~

  10. babe, klaw aku x blk KL da acane?? huuuu~ :'/

  11. chicks!!pehal plak tanak blk cni? sbb korea k bangkok??heheh!!

  12. sbb Mama Abah aku nk aku duk ngan depa.. hahaha.. =p

  13. uh!!aq xbley tima hakikat ituh!!mst da sumtin nih kan.. hmmmm??

  14. hahaha... tawu2 jew ang kn.. yeap, something happened. lots of thing happened actually. =_="


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