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10 Steps to do Self-Manicure

Since am no longer stay in KL, there's a lot of things that I need to compromise with maself; that I cannot have them in ma hometown. No more Nasi Ayam Penyet, no more Mamak at late night AND no more manicure and pedicure!! It scares me to hell when am imagine that ma nail will turn ugly without treatment.  >.<
One day, when I was with Mama in Guardian, I found set of nail polish which include buffing cream! Like OMG!!!! I can do my own manicure in home. Means, am now could saving up to rm70 for mani + pedi session.  It is much more worth it when u could do by ur own.  *wink*
Here are 10 easy steps for you to do self-manicure in home;

Teaser: Tangan Hitam (2)

Updating soon...

Kisah 20 haribulan

I'm now been hired by Maxis on last Feb 16th and just start working on the 20th. It is so unplanned and unexpected cos am not coming back to find a job in d first place. After came back from Singapore and Johor, am actually planning to set up my business. But yeah, life never goes according to plan. Seemingly, I'll stay for some time in ma hometown. It's a good thing though.

Well, it's normal for everyone to get enough sleep and rest before ur first day working aite? It is a must in order to let ur body re-energized and have a fresh look for the next big-day. Tapi malam tue tidur saya asyik terganggu dek bunyi notifications di handphone tanpa henti. I kept received the notifications of friend request in my FB like for every minutes! It's crazy dude. Hell, there's must be something wrong with my FB. Kena hacked or wat? Cos I had never received tons of friend requests at the same time. NO. Never. Kalau ada pun 2-3 je la in one day.. But not more than 10 or even …

Teaser: Tangan Hitam

To be continued...


Lemme be honest to you.. When I first heard word of retis, it's sounds so bizarre and gross to me. Feel so awkward to pronounce and in fact, I dun even know the meaning. ngeee~ 
I only know the meaning of retis when a friend used 'that' word in twitter and I was like, "retis what?"
So, he told me that retis means artist. 
"Oooooookay... understand." *but still, sounds so GROSS!!  >.<
Makanya, saya telah membuat pengenalan mengenai maksud retis sebelum memulakan perenggan. 
*Motif guna perkataan retis sebagai Tajuk (da cakap GROSS sgt)?? - Sebab nak update adik-adik yang kurang memahami (seperti saya) ngan perkataan-perkataan terkini lg trending. Kita belajar sama-sama ea. hahaha.. 
So, talking about retis/artist, someone has boosted me up in FB which had lead to the feelings of "seperti artis sangat" *pukes*

So, I asked him for what reason he called me 'insan popular'??  And it had dragged to the reply-comment session;
Then he ga…


I always hope that I could have a sister in ma life. (but it seems too late for hoping dat. mau kena ketuk ngan mama kalau minta adik lg. huhu..) =p
So anyway, I actually had a sister. Yeah, I used to have one. But it's 16 years ago.. Mama gave birth to the most adorable baby girl in the world.  And the person who's super-extremely happy, of course, Me. 
But the feelings didn't last too long.  She's only live for 12 days. I didn't even had the chance to hear her cry nor to see her smile. I only got the chance to see her when she closed her eyes for ever. But I swear to God she has the most luminous face I've ever seen. She must be prettier than me if she's still alive. =)
It's hard to believe that she's forever gone.. I keep asking why Allah s.w.t took her. Allah knows how much I want a sister then why took her from me??  Am simply can't accept the fact that she's already gone. Astaghfirullahalazim.. 
However, lots of people tried to convin…

Making Fun

Obviously, am in a serious boredom zone right now. Semakin hari, semakin merepek je update blog nie. CRAP CRAP CRAP!

Eh, berenti update je la. Bole?


I do wanna blog something but.. I really have no idea what to blog.  It's like you wanna take a ride but you dunno where to go. Pathetic much ha?


Photobomb Expert

Remember this POST?

Told ya right?