Monday, January 9, 2012

Siblings' Attitude

Having three brothers which makes me the one and only girl in family doesn't give them a ticket to bully me. Neah, they never have the chance. BUT! They always come off with things that annoyed me. Is it considered as bully as well? Hmmm...

Taking sneak picture

And the person who's responsible for any candid pictures taken is always my younger brother. 
Adik yang mana satu? 

Yang di bawah nie.

Also known as Bang Cik

He will do that innocent a.k.a bajet-comel face when he found guilty. 
And I hate the fact that, IT'S always works. 

Photos deface
It is really hard to take my adik's picture alone.  BUT, he always do that 'good' photobombed in any pictures taken without him. Seriously, it is no cute. AT ALL! =_="

And the only one who could behave normal is my Abang. He's the coolest so far. But sometimes, he's out of the circle jugak. huhu.. 

Does he? 


  1. no matter what, mesti diorang protective gila pada you kan? the only girl in the family.

  2. huhu.. kind of la.. but in their very own way.. they are all cool. mmg sunyi klaw xdew diowg.. hehe..