Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Star Wars Wedding Theme

I can't stop laughing and smiling when I read email from Creative Group Head, Brother Shiraz. This is so unfreakinbelieavable tellin you!!

Light saber as hantaran
Am not sure where they found this. lol
The reception
Darth vader jd head of pengiring. kahkahkah
As what I can recall, never know the existence of  that red  character in Star Wars. ngee~
And here you go, the wedding cake. Awesome! 

Though I think that was madness but still I adore them damn much! Memang salute habis la cos they are so daring to choose Star Wars theme for their wedding. Kalau nk buat keja gile pun fikir byk kali kot. Once in lifetime ogey.  But I believe they must be Star Wars die-hard-fan. hehe.. Neway, you guys rock!!

p/s:  Entri kedua pasal kawen. Sesuatu sgt. =p


  1. syue syue....ini wedding saudara bakal mentua kiera...huuu..nanti kiera upload dia punya kad kawen ye..

  2. bwu nk bce ur comment babe.. neway, they are super cool la.. kiera wt la cmgtue jugak.. teheee~ =p

  3. yg in red to Imperial Guardian... dalam episode 3 ada...