Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Jangan Pandang Cermin

During last Eid al-Adha, I stayed in my Uncle's for two days. Normal routine that we always do when gather with cousins is we're gonna have gossip-girl-long-chat til the dawn broke. So this time, only adik Fiqa and I were on the mode. The gossip-girl-chat start with typical topic / issue = love + boyfriend(s) tehehee~ =DD Continue to the next topic, then jump to another topic and lasted to horror/scary story (sgt cliche bukan?) =p

As she told me lots of her experiences stumbled upon things (the ghost-like thingy), am so interested to know the most on "tak elok tengok cermin waktu malam." I asked her, why we can't look at a mirror at night? Instead of replied me "sebab tak elok la", she asked me,

"Penah tak rasa bila tengok cermin waktu malam, muka kita macam cantik je?...."

That is her question.

And my respond,
"Ohhh shit!"

One of the pictures taken at night.
(yes, in front of the mirror)

Is it because of the mirror??
*if you know what I mean. 


  1. walaupun say xkenal sape awk, n kita juz kenal dlm blog, but then alot of things about you did make me wonder who are you. i am sory if interrupt in ur life, but as 'fren' i juz nak kawan.. awak seorang yang cantik, pandai bergaya, ada kerjaya, tahu urus diri, bijak kawal perasaan, appreciate ur life, but then, knape nak sedih? dun be sad, awk kuat!

  2. wow. am speechless. tehehee~ =DD
    neway, i really appreciate ur comment aka compliment(s) hehe..
    but juz wanted u to know that u r not interrupt my life, not anyone either. as a muslim, we all brothers n sisters rite? so, indirectly kte dah pown berkawan.. =)) as for ur last question, "knape nk sedih?" honestly i dunno which entry u r referring to. Cos there are numerous entries yg i agak emo. but no worries, am juz a human being. dew masa kte sedih, dew masa kte happy. i juz like others yg x bole nk lari dr alami or having those kind of feelings. it juz we're different in how we're handling our emotions. dat's it. by the way, i love ur last two words, "awk kuat!" thanks for believe in me dat am strong. alhamdulillah, am gud n juz doing fine because of Allah swt, parents, family and friends. Thanks cos sudi berkawan.. *wink*

  3. hosh!! aq dh la nak mandi jap g..bc horror story plak dh almost 12am nih~ tp tetiba kn napa tak penah tanx psl kta unya frnship gak? ahahhah!!

  4. eh, termasuk jugak... tp x disampaikn secara detail kt cnie.. huhu..