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MisSyuha Took Singapore

Salam and haie angels!!! 

Maaf jika ada yg sedar penggunaan tajuk ala-ala the Kardashian's. Bajet nk ganti Kourtney & Kim Take New York la sgt kn. lolol Perasan-Me! =p

Anyway, this entry is actually da lapuk + basi utk dikongsikan. My trip was on 7-9th Oct. Skarg da end of the month pun. Baru gigih nk post. *Maafkan saya. =.="

Well, my team (media department) got VIP invitation from AXN / Astro to go to Singapore and stay in Marina Bay Sands. Those who never heard of Marina Bay Sands, sila Google skarg. That is one of the most Awesome + Coolest place to stay. U gotta believe me dude! *x caye sila tgk gambar di bawah. =DD

Marina Bay Sands
Cool aite?
In the hotel room
Day 1
At night we went to watch The Lion King theatre. Sponsored of course. Kalau nk g beli tiket sendiri mmg harapan la kan. huhu.. 

From left: Me, Aliya & Intan

The Entrance; Sands Theater

This is the reason mmg-xkn-bli-tiket-ngan-duit-sndri.
Mine, I got reserve ticket (B)
*sila jeles. tehehee~ =p

After d theatre, we took a walk.
Night in Singapore - full of lights. 
The next day we had so-called Amazing Race in Universal Studio. But before we left the hotel, we went up to Skypark after breakfast juz for d sake to take pictures. ngeee~ Kalau da smpai Marina Bay Sands tp x lepak Skypark mmg rugi siehh.

From left: me, Intan, Aliya & Alin
During Uni's life they are my clazmates.
Now, they are my colleagues!

Amazed by the view.

Super cool swimming pool! 

Here we are in Universal Studio.

Dentsu girls; Aliya, Intan, Kym, me & Alin

Muka tanpa sebarang make-up
*enlarge d pic klaw x cye. =p

We didn't won d race but we had fun seriously. Memang feeling Amazing Race abesh smpai x sempat nk b'gambar. lolol It was an unforgettable experience!

So, in the night we had dinner in IndoChine. I really thought it will be in a ballroom or any formal hall (bajet macam zaman student lagi) But surprisingly, it's a bar. =_=" Can't escape when u r in media world. pffffffft.

It's a nice place to party yet I dunno how to party. So, we were among who left early. 10.30pm trus chao blk bilik. huhu..

Last Day
Had breakfast and straight away went back to Kuala Lumpur

Sayonara Singapore

Yes, I had a great time there.. But neaaaaah~ didn't planned to go again cos I hate their washroom. They dun have water taps for God sake! Terseksa kot nk tahan perut kt sne. pffffffffffffffffffffffffffffft.  

p/s: You go travel then you'll know y u should be grateful to be Malaysian. 


  1. sonok la leh jalan2...xda kitchen ka utk kwn2??haahahah

  2. nk bli key chain kt sne pown pkiaq byk kali, nie ang nk suh bli kitchen. mmg x la.. lololol


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