Sunday, October 9, 2011


Two days before I left for Singapore, someone has be so generous. tehehee~ =DD *Ogey, not only dat day but Dea always be. hehe.. 

Dea brougth me to the Pavillion and planned to get me my fave flats. But I think it's a waste cos I dun have any suitable clothe to fit with d flats. In dat case, we looked for something that I can wear for dinner in Singapore and in d same time it can be my office attire. Lagi jimat kn? Instead of you buy one dinner dress which you only wear it once in a while. Rugi. 

So, Dea got himself new wallet, shades, pants and laptop bag. While for me, Dea bought blouse, legging, flats (still) and clutch (as a convocation present - which it should be a surprise. ngeee~) Apparently, someone has shopped mengalahkan taukeh. lolol *based on wat Dea said. 

Well, it wasn't d first time Dea spent on me. There r always surprises, good foods, nice restaurants, great treatments, n lots! Dea is simply charming. Isn't he? *wink*

A surprise from Famous Amos. Adorable! 

A birthday gift. I loike~ 

The blouse for office attire.

It's Iora. 

A legging.
I love d material! 

A convocation present in advance.
Surprise!! :p

Clutch form lizclaiborne

Ain't d first choice which I mentioned before but this is still a favorite!


  1. boleh tak nak cakap blouse tu cantikkk? *jeles

  2. hehehe.. thx dear.. it's really a nice blouse! i'm super love it.. :))