Thursday, October 27, 2011

MisSyuha Took Singapore

Salam and haie angels!!! 

Maaf jika ada yg sedar penggunaan tajuk ala-ala the Kardashian's. Bajet nk ganti Kourtney & Kim Take New York la sgt kn. lolol Perasan-Me! =p

Anyway, this entry is actually da lapuk + basi utk dikongsikan. My trip was on 7-9th Oct. Skarg da end of the month pun. Baru gigih nk post. *Maafkan saya. =.="

Well, my team (media department) got VIP invitation from AXN / Astro to go to Singapore and stay in Marina Bay Sands. Those who never heard of Marina Bay Sands, sila Google skarg. That is one of the most Awesome + Coolest place to stay. U gotta believe me dude! *x caye sila tgk gambar di bawah. =DD

Marina Bay Sands
Cool aite?
In the hotel room
Day 1
At night we went to watch The Lion King theatre. Sponsored of course. Kalau nk g beli tiket sendiri mmg harapan la kan. huhu.. 

From left: Me, Aliya & Intan

The Entrance; Sands Theater

This is the reason mmg-xkn-bli-tiket-ngan-duit-sndri.
Mine, I got reserve ticket (B)
*sila jeles. tehehee~ =p

After d theatre, we took a walk.
Night in Singapore - full of lights. 
The next day we had so-called Amazing Race in Universal Studio. But before we left the hotel, we went up to Skypark after breakfast juz for d sake to take pictures. ngeee~ Kalau da smpai Marina Bay Sands tp x lepak Skypark mmg rugi siehh.

From left: me, Intan, Aliya & Alin
During Uni's life they are my clazmates.
Now, they are my colleagues!

Amazed by the view.

Super cool swimming pool! 

Here we are in Universal Studio.

Dentsu girls; Aliya, Intan, Kym, me & Alin

Muka tanpa sebarang make-up
*enlarge d pic klaw x cye. =p

We didn't won d race but we had fun seriously. Memang feeling Amazing Race abesh smpai x sempat nk b'gambar. lolol It was an unforgettable experience!

So, in the night we had dinner in IndoChine. I really thought it will be in a ballroom or any formal hall (bajet macam zaman student lagi) But surprisingly, it's a bar. =_=" Can't escape when u r in media world. pffffffft.

It's a nice place to party yet I dunno how to party. So, we were among who left early. 10.30pm trus chao blk bilik. huhu..

Last Day
Had breakfast and straight away went back to Kuala Lumpur

Sayonara Singapore

Yes, I had a great time there.. But neaaaaah~ didn't planned to go again cos I hate their washroom. They dun have water taps for God sake! Terseksa kot nk tahan perut kt sne. pffffffffffffffffffffffffffffft.  

p/s: You go travel then you'll know y u should be grateful to be Malaysian. 

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Left Unsaid

It's one of those days, I'm so good in express my feelings. Damn loud. Just say watever I want regardless wat people might feel. It was like, "If you don't like my words, don't listen. If you don't like my appearance, don't look and if you don't like my actions, just f**king turn your head la." You know dat kind of attitude. =_="

But now? Seriously I dunno wat happen to me. Like seriously, WAT THE HELL IS HAPPEN TO ME NOW? WHY I CAN'T EXPRESS MY FEELINGS? WHY I CAN'T JUST SAY 'NO!!!!'? WHY I CAN'T TELL HIM THAT I LOVE HIM? 

Okay. Wait. Correct me if am wrong. Did I juz said "Why I can't tell him that I LOVE him?" lolol LOVE?? For real, LOVE??? u gotta b kidding me man! pffffffft.

Great. Now am talking about LOVE. Wat's next? 

Dude, I've been in a wrong relationship for so long. (Note: Wrong relationship - you will feel more alone than when you were single) It was my biggest mistake that I have made. To let him stay in my life longer than he deserved to. I can't believe I could be goofy for 6 years. 6 YEARS!! lol stupido me! 

But on the other hand, that's how you will understand life aite? Some people & something are put in your life temporarily just to get you on the next lesson. Nothing is meant to last forever. So, we may love the wrong person, cry for the wrong reason, but one thing for sure is mistake helps us to find the right person. kan kan kan? :p

I am what I am today because of the decision and choice I've made yesterday. I believe that being in a relationship is a full-time job. So, I won't apply if I'm not ready. I don't mind to wait though it may takes a month, year or even decade. Cos the longer you have to wait, the more you will appreciate when it finally arrives. Right? So, basically that's my theory. tehehee~ :DD

So, here's the thing. After a year (plus) being single am actually forgot how to love and how does it feels to be loved. Yes, no joke. I F-O-R-G-O-T. =.=

Mode (OFF) : "commitment"

Why I choose to "Just-having-fun"? Cos being with no one is better than being with the wrong one. Sometimes those who fly solo have the strongest wings. *wink*

However, all this love thingy shit just happened. And I HATE IT!

Guess wat? I'm fucking enjoy my single life and wanted to have some fun yet this shit called 'LOVE' just come cross. DAMMIT DAMMIT DAMMIT!!!

I didn't realized that am in love. You hear me? I'M IN LOVE!! But it juz too little too late to admit. I didn't realized it before. I didn't realized when he was around. I only realize it when he's gone! 

Yet, I got so many things to tell. I wanted him to know how much I care for him. How much I appreciate him. How much I love him. How much I want him. But now, everything left UNSAID. 

At first, I've decided to tell the whole world my feelings since I'm no good in expressing my feelings personally. Lidah nie bole pulak jam ble nk ckp hal sayang menyayang nie cos da lme x practice. So, I think it will be better if I just write it up. But as I mentioned before, it just too little too late.  

So, I've decided to leave it this way. Left Unsaid. 

Dat's d best I could do. perhaps. 

Sunday, October 9, 2011


Two days before I left for Singapore, someone has be so generous. tehehee~ =DD *Ogey, not only dat day but Dea always be. hehe.. 

Dea brougth me to the Pavillion and planned to get me my fave flats. But I think it's a waste cos I dun have any suitable clothe to fit with d flats. In dat case, we looked for something that I can wear for dinner in Singapore and in d same time it can be my office attire. Lagi jimat kn? Instead of you buy one dinner dress which you only wear it once in a while. Rugi. 

So, Dea got himself new wallet, shades, pants and laptop bag. While for me, Dea bought blouse, legging, flats (still) and clutch (as a convocation present - which it should be a surprise. ngeee~) Apparently, someone has shopped mengalahkan taukeh. lolol *based on wat Dea said. 

Well, it wasn't d first time Dea spent on me. There r always surprises, good foods, nice restaurants, great treatments, n lots! Dea is simply charming. Isn't he? *wink*

A surprise from Famous Amos. Adorable! 

A birthday gift. I loike~ 

The blouse for office attire.

It's Iora. 

A legging.
I love d material! 

A convocation present in advance.
Surprise!! :p

Clutch form lizclaiborne

Ain't d first choice which I mentioned before but this is still a favorite!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Kawan nie mmg susah nk cari yg ikhlas kn?
Kawan yg nk wt gelak, mmg rmai..
Kawan yg bole nk nangis sme2, mmg susah nk cari..
Tp kawan jenis plastik plg banyak kn?
Kdg xyah cari pown..
Sendiri datang.
Noe y?
Cos they have no value.
Dew kt mne2 jew.
Senang dpt tp plg susah nk hapus.
Perosak bumi, cm gitue lah..

Sometimes, it makes me laugh ble tgk diz kind of person being plastic..
Paling kelakar ble kantoi beradab..
Muke trus brubah.
Klaw toreh kulit muka, darah pown x kuar. lolol
Another part is, ble x pndai nk tipu.
Dowh! Layankan jew la..
Tingin gak nk tgk smpai mne die nk menipu..
Mind u, am not stupid la..
Sjew wt2 bodo, wt2 innocent, wt2 x phm jew..
But seriously, I noe when u r lying n I Love It!
I love d way u lie when I noe d truth.
U look foolish honestly!
Tp asalkn ko bahagia, I'm cool..
Pew dew hal nk layan owg plastik hati hitam nie..
Kasi can jew la owg bwu nk tgk dunia.. Kan?
Anyway, gud luck my friend!
I wish u all d best n keep lying!

p/s: 2 hamba Allah yg bernama kawan aku x penah ragu; Aida & Yat. U guys noe how much I love both of u. xo!

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