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Movie for laugh

Salam and hello angels!!

So, what are u all up to this weekend? Hope you guys having a great time. *wink*

But if you are not so lucky, which having a bad day during weekend, don't be sad aite? Just laugh! Then you will be okay. * tp jgn gelak for no reason lak. pelik owg tgk nti.. LOL

Do u noe yg gelak / ketawa tue is really good for our health? Well it is actually a strong medicine for mind and body. See wat I've got from reliable sources; 
  1. Laughter relaxes the whole body: Whenever we laugh, it's actually help to relieves physical tension and stress. Secara tak langsung otot kte relax for up to 45 minutes after. *mungkin berkesan utk awet muda jugak.. =DD
  2. Laughter boosts the immune system:  Ble gelak ia dpt mengurangkan hormon stress dan menaikkan sel immune dan antibody melawan penyakit > sekaligus meningkatkan tahap daya ketahanan terhadap penyakit.
  3. Laughter triggers the release of endorphins (sejenis kimia semulajadi yg baek dlm badan): Akan membantu badan merasa sihat dan melegakan kesakitan walau sekejap. 
  4. Laughter protects the heart: Ketawa boleh memperbaiki fungsi saluran darah dan meningkatkn aliran darah - yg bole melindungi kte daripada serangan jantung dan lain2 masalah kardiovaskular. 
In dat case, let's laugh!! LOL

But as I mentioned before, jgn la gelak for no reason kn.. Bole mengundang keraguan pd owg luar.. tehehee~  =DD

I have a suggestion for you to laugh *tahap berdekah-dekah* , go and watch Johnny English Reborn!! Am sure you guys will feel damn good. Sumpah kelakar ogey cter nie.. Though, yes, some might said it's a stupid joke but who cares! As long as kte bole gelak n release tension, it's more than enuf wat? kn kn kn?? huhu.. 

 After all, it's Rowan Atkinson aka Mr Bean kowt!!! Tgk mke beliau pown bole mencetus rasa geli hati. kahkahkah. 

Am I right? =p

Watched Johnny English Reborn with bestie, Aida. :)
It's in Alamanda
BFF; Aida *wink*


  1. hukk!! aq tgk ngn kak angkt aq jeha..
    aq j yg gelak lelebey taw!! tp sgt cambest sbb ms tgh presure+dpt gelak golek2 sgt puasti!! hoo.. chick!! how i wish 2 hv tym 2 chill out again..

  2. kaaaaan... ble weih nk lepak? ang duk mne skarg?

  3. im in cyber skg.. hohohoOO.. bebeh!! yg cambest ny, umah abg aq ngn ofis cuma 5minit jeha nek scoot.. ngeee!! tggu hg banje aq j nihahahah~

  4. bole babe.. tgu next month kta date ea.. bulan nie aku kopak awl. ngan bwu blk singapore nyew, ngan nk konvo nyew, mcm2 lg.. bole botak kpala weih.. huhu


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