Thursday, September 8, 2011

Holy Month in Cover

Salam everyone.. A bit sad when I can't blog as frequent as before.. I missed to blog during holy month, Ramadhan. So, in that case I nk cover blk! buahahaha.. 

Ogey, I know it's kinda annoying n totally lems! Org da raya I baru nk cter pasal bulan puasa. But who cares?! Nk cter jugak. teheeheee~ =DD

No worries, am not going to let u guys nyampah smpai muntah ijau baca entry lapuk. Juz gonna share some pictures. Fair enough aite? *wink*

Sebulan berpuasa, cuma 2 kali je sempat berbuka ngan old friends n bestie, Aida.. But the best part is when I could spend almost half of a month kt uma.. So, dpt b'buka ngan family terchenta. (^_^)

Break fast with my old friends

So, it's bowling time!!

Sorry. Not my expertise. pffft. 
Few days before Raya, I went out with Aida. Brought her to shop Raya and also had a manicure. She's so happy with her fingernails after mani. Chummel! =DD

She fond her fingernails so much. ngee~
Treated her in Nasi Ayam Penyet, my fave. ;))


  1. meriahnya berbuka puasa bersama teman2 :))

    btw, selamat hari raya~

  2. aduyai..lme sunggoh nk tunggu new entry from sis.hehe.entry raya bila? =)

  3. Rtp Farra Arisha: thanks deary.. selamat hari raya too.. :))

    my lil sis: coming up!! sabar ea.. *wink*

  4. gud 2 hear if u're wth aida or even Q.. guardian terbaik when u need sum1 ryt? ^_^

  5. yup2!! or even with YOOU!!! :DD