Friday, September 9, 2011

Eid Mubarak

I can say that almost every year my family will celebrate Raya in my dad's hometown. Raya in Kedah is always awesome where you can see kids playing bunga api n burn fireworks. I love to watch them but to join, neaaaah~ fikir byk kali ogey. Sgt penakut ngan api. (^_^)v

I only arrived in kampung on the eve of Eid with Abang and Uncle's family. Malam tue jugak ble ktowg da smpai Mama Abah ajak g Pekan Rabu beli few things lg.. Blk jew dr shopping, I continue iron baju raya family lak. Since we have lots of people in the house so takut kne queue lak nk iron keesokkan pagi. Akibatnyew, I only got my sleep less than 4 hours. 

On the 1st Syawal, we didn't go beraya as much as years before (me especially just stayed indoor most of the time cos sibok cover tdo yg x ckup. hehe) We went to take a family photo in the morning then parents went to beraya with aunties and uncles. 

Syawal 1: Heading to take a family photo

The Dean's : All white :))

Syawal 2: Red Kebaya 

Syawal 3: Open house @ Anim's
From left: Ju, YaT, Me n Anim
My fwen commented on a picture in my FB saying dat YaT n I look like a twin!  hehe..

With Ms Hanim Amron

Am simply a busy woman. teheee~ :p

From left: Aniem, Me, Tirah & Ju

Syawal 4: Kepala terteleng-teleng posing punya pasal. ngee~

p/s:  On the 31st August, we did a surprise birthday party for Mama. Too bad can't upload the picture since it was a surprise party so, Mama only wore nighty. Not nice la kn.. ngee~


  1. i saw the kebaya you bought from indonesia. soooo nice ! :D even when i first saw it, terus kata,

    "eyh, kebaya indo bha ne."

    hehehehe~ ;D

  2. yup2!! in my previous entry went to Jakarta aite? well, they have lots of beautiful kebaya there.. smpai rmbang mata nk plh.. dat one pown, my mum yg plhkn.. huhu.. but their kebaya not juz nice also have a good quality n murah!! :DD

  3. chicks!! hg mmg gojes!! we love 2 see u in close up babe!! there's nothing odd~

  4. Sbb ble tgkp jaoh nmpk pp cm tembam.. huhu..

  5. you are beautiful! :)

    plus rambut nampak sangat silky smooth shiny and cantik..huhu..

    apakah rahsia anda?? hehe

  6. thank you sweetheart.. :))

    am using Dove. try it! *wink*