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I miss my hometown..
I miss my bedroom..
I miss my bestie..
I miss my student's life..
I miss do things that I love..
I just miss the good old days...

Dear YaT,
Bole x ko dtg KL?? windu ko dowh. =_=

p/s: sowie if the ending of d video is sucks. my otak seems stuck tbe2. dunno wat to put more. lol

pp/s: well think, we should do diz often. record our day when we're hang out. it's kinda cool to have it.. kn?


  1. (video) hwuaaaa :D
    (copy) alooo sian diaaa

  2. video: just missing do thing like dat again.. hee~ =DD

    copy: =(

  3. (o_O)?? wat happened??

    nak jugak2~
    video: rakaman gambar bergerak
    copy: salinan

  4. anda gorgeous.

    hee nanti cari masa balik langkawi yee :)

  5. babe, aku penat la.. xdew mse nk rest lg. back-to-back.. start from dr intern then cont ngan presentation, report bagai, pastue part time kt tmpt intern, smbung g Indon lak, then blk trus kejew. sumpah aku penat.. huuu~ =(

    azam: gorgeous? lol thx dear.. think when i got my first salary trus nk blk lgkwi.. tehehee~ =DD

  6. alala.. let us hug ourself.. bley cmtu?? (hahah!! dh jao kn~)
    tulah fakta pas abh stdy kn.. sgt xbest!! peno ngn prob smpai otak jd senak, ati makin sendat ngn prasaan.. pergh!! bhs 1 mesia sgt kn, sbijik rojak buah.. t simpan 2nd or 3rd gaji, twun Penang kta g PISA ae~
    ubat skg nih yela, hg try tgk vdeo bdk foto flashmob ms MPG.. mst hg gelak kuat kt aq.. ngee~

  7. nk tgk kt ner wei?? bg aku, nk tgk!!

  8. tgk kt blog aq la..
    private tuha..
    hahahah!! sumpah hg mst gelak tgk aq mnari cm bangang.. slh step bgai..

  9. hukk.. rndu maw mkn+lepak+baring ngn kamu!! rndu plak nk tgk aya mepek tym form 5 dedulu..

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. 02 june 2011:
    ttba rndu makan+lepak+bareng+borak ngn hg.. rndu sgt2!! rndu ms form 5 dlu.. rndu ngn Aya yg ska aksi mlampaw tuh.. rndu sgt2 pas repeat watchin' dat vdeo!! xbyk vdeo kta bikin kn..hukkkk~ (T_T)

  12. tudia... skali ang spam comment.. huhu.. neway, x kuaq pown acc tmpt keja ang.. suma ang punya..

    windu kn tme form 5 dlu.. ari 2 anim, trah n aya ajak g cameron.. tp aku x dpt join dpa sbb aku keja.. cma jpa dpa kejap lps dpa blk dr cameron.. aya cm 2 jugak.. xpuaih smbang ngan dia.. jpa kejap sgt.. sigh.

    neway, kta nie bla nk jpa pulop? aya kt penang gak.. ang try la contact2 dia.. kowt ampa bole date.. lol

  13. ahahahah!! terjadi apabila mkn gaji butew~
    hahah!! (susah dow fmly bsnes..sigh~)

    ayayayaya!! kng aq kekok a nk lpk buta2 ngn aya.. clueless!! len klu da hg kn..kng mati kutu aq ngn minah 2 j.. dh la lm x jmpa~

  14. hahahaha.. awat ang nk mati kutu pulak.. ngan aya ja pown.. ang xdan nk mati kutu aih ngan dia..=p

  15. ahahahaha!! hg taw aq kn tukang gelak maw lemau aq ngn lwk bodo dia tuha.. da hg len, bley kta 2-2 gelak kn dia.. ngeee~

  16. klaw nk tgu aku g penang, mmg x taw la bla kn.. tp klaw nk jpa kt kedah pown, aku susah skarg.. hadoi.. tgu ang duk cyber jew la senang.. ngee~ =DD

  17. i like this video. wish i culd meet ur bestie. she seems sngt cool.tehee~

  18. yes, she is.. sgt ogey.. u should meet her someday. i'll bring you.. hee~ =DD


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