Tuesday, May 24, 2011

From Malaysia to Indonesia with Love

I suppose it's not too late to post this entry. FYI, I went to Indonesia last two weeks. It's a family vacation. I had fun there.. Cos eventually I got my 'me-time' and also the opportunity to spend quality time with family. After all, that's wat I need the most.

Day 1
Soekarno-Hatta International Airport

Arrived in the Jakarta.
Wait for another family members in the airport.
Day 2
Tangkuban Parahu - Kawah Putih
Beloved parents; Mama & Abah
From left: Abang, his gf; Kak Nuril, my lil brother; Haiqal, Kak Nuril's Cousin; Kak Herri, Kak Nuril's sister; Wana & Me

Mama & Kak Nuril's mother
Remember cter My Heart? Yg Acha and Irwanshah berlakon tu? So, nie la tempatnya. If you can recall the scene la...

From left: Mama, Bang Cik, Abah & Me

This is actually the hotel's lobby. Cool kn? =DD
So, here the hotel dat we stayed.
Day 3
Pasar Baru

Shopping time!!

They are my super bodyguards; Abang & Bang Cik.

Day 4
Factory Outlet - Taman Mini

Grabbed our breakfast at A&W
(that's d only place yg adik I bole mkn. Otherwise, he won't eat. Ngada kn? huhu)

@ Taman Mini Indonesia Indah

My glew abang and his sporting girlfriend. lol

Day 5
Pasar Mangga 2 - Tanah Abang

No wonder people always go to Jakarta to buy wedding dress n so watever. Murah gila kot. ngee~
@ Grand Indonesia Shopping Town

See, I have lots of heroes. Don't mess with me tau. =p

Day 6
Bye Bye Jakarta

*ka ching ka ching ka ching*

Famili terchenta.

p/s: rasanya nie entry paling malas.  Sorry dolls! (^_^)v


  1. i've been waiting for this entry, syue :D aiyeee~ so nice la jakarta :) i know kalau shopping sana mmg heaven la. please share with me what cool stuffs you bought. hehehe~ btw, i heard lots of people go to indonesia for wedding dress. after reading this entry, i decided to go there to get my wedding dress too, enough said. HEHEHE~ B-)

  2. whoaaaaaa!!! syok nyer sis p indon. njoy tgk all pics in this entry.best2.tingin nk p sne gak.

  3. azam: =DD

    ryna: i actually do have lots of things to share but due to time constraint i only manage to post pictures. sigh. nvm, i'll try to post it later aite! but yeah, they got lots of beautiful wedding dress yet cheap. i wanna buy my wedding dress there too. tehehee~

    matahari_kerr: nti da kejew kte g travel sme2 nk? =p

  4. wahhhh best gilaaa...sangat besttttttttt...... terutama shopping,kan! :)

  5. yup2!! shopping sne mmg heaven ogey. huhu..

  6. chop!! ckt j nk issue psl entry jogja nih.. d food??

    ok,1st aikal grown so well.. dh bley jd tddy bear hg dh..2nd aq shock abh tgk mamat mn tah, skli hg ckp bangcik.. phew~ len sesangat.. tallest-sort of emo kids-he totally dfrnt from d past.. (o_O)

  7. hahaha.. haiqal da m'besar ngan sihat obviously. he's like mkn mkn mkn jew.. dat's y kmi susah nk cri mkn kt sna cos dia memilih gla. ngee~ bg cik tgi kn? aku rsa yg nma bg cik nie mmg tinggi la.. tgk bg cik ang pown sma kan.. lol

  8. hahahah!! tula pasal kn.. klu hg knl mn2 bangcik yg pendek dr doang jgn lupa gtw aq ae??
    hahah!! ;D

  9. okey-dokey!! will do! *wink*

  10. besh shopping.. tp x besh klaw nk melepak sne cos bz + crowded sgt..

  11. wow, bandung trip! been there too like 3times! huhu....but not into the shopping..more to jalan2 ^_^

    here's a compilation of my bandung trips/photos -> http://www.lonelyplanet.com/thorntree/thread.jspa?threadID=1520295

  12. nak berkongsi tip percutian. Try la guna flexiroam bila nak pegi holiday lagi. Murah sikit nak buat panggilan from indo to malaysia. :)

  13. really? thx 4 d info sweetheart.. xo!