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Tips untuk Si Patah Hati

Haie dolls!!
I promise u, for this entry it won't be long.

Motif entri?
*sila tgk bwh

Soalan nie da berkurun lme kt TWITTER I tp baru skarg berkesempatan nk menjawab. I'm so sorry my dear.. Since she asked for a tips, xkan la I nk gigih menaip kt twitter lak kn. It's a tips anyway. Sure it'll be long. So, I promised her to share in my blog.

And am sure, you guys pown mesti cm blurblurpending x berapa nak faham kan.. Well, her question was actually referring to my previous love relationship. She just curious macam mana I bole handle "the broke-up" very well (i guess) cos the relationship has been 6 years. Since I MALAS gila nak menaip so, I simply make a video. And I believe, easy for you guys to understand too.

1) Don't watch this video if you don't need the tips. Seriously, it juz gonna waste your time.
2) This video has been recorded by one shot. Tiada tapisan mahupun editing. Maka terlalu banyak sampah.
3) Just stop the video kalau tekak mula rasa loya. Deal?


FALSE dictionary:
* Auntie flow - the flow that we girls have every month. Faham?
* Luar jangkauan?? It's jangkaan perhaps? Kn? (",)
* Am sorry if you feel annoyed Looking at my face. +.+

p/s: In every br[OK]en, there is an OK right? so, it's OK to get broken once in your life. It's the best way for you to learn appreciate things around you and not to repeat the SAME MISTAKE.

pp/s: Don't be afraid of letting go, you may lose out on something good, but you might gain something even better..



*nota tertinggal: Entri kali nie adalah jawapan kepada TEASER sebelum ini. *wink*

you got to go
Go-Go-Go Go-Go-Go ~



  1. hye sis darling!!!!
    1stly, rindu kamu~
    2ndly,i love ur entry yg panjang2. njoy reading it yaww. ble pendek i was just like "alah dah abeh." so, nk request nk yg panjang2. ngee~
    3rdly, i xley tgk the vid. tenet semarak saaaaaaaaaaangat lembap cm siput sedut.haih.geram2.
    lastly, smiley 4 u (^_________^)V

  2. haie my lil sis!!
    wow~ mish u too hun.. haha i tkot nk taip pjg2 cos nti juling bijik mata ank owg, susah i.. =p alaaa~ too bad u can't watch d video.. i really wanna noe ur comment. >.< n yeah, all d best 4 ur final aite! luv ya!!! *wink*

  3. had fun watching this !!! :D eyh, seriously macam lisa surihani !!! B-)

  4. i'm glad u had fun watch d video. but "mcm lisa surihani"?? am speechless. huhu.. neway, thx dear.. xo!

  5. suka suka tgk muka sis .lawanyeeee!hehe

    part sis yg serba salah pasal rambut messy tu comel.haha mana de messy ok jeee :)

    nice tips . jgn percaya 100%..ehmm. mungkin boleh guna..utk masa depan. who knows ryte? hihi.

  6. ahahahah!! siyes lawak tgk hg being siyes.. hahahah!! sbnar ny aq cuma dpt tgk few sec jeha.. bufferin' dow!! xpa, 2 b c'nue.. kikiki~

  7. miwwa dear: lolol thx my dear.. mybe for u lawa tp owg laen annoyed tgk mke i.. ngee~ =p yeah, u shouldn't trust 100% towards someone.. nti u'll easily get hurt. trust me. =)

    yaT babe: hadoi~ bole pulop to be continued.. aku bwu nk dgr komen pedas ang.. kahkahkah..

  8. u lawa la.. =P

    nak tengok vid nih..tapi comp pny sound system sangat, tunggu laptop ok nanti nak tengok lagi sekali..hehe..

    btw, suka baca entry u yang sal maxime..hee..

  9. my dear iqa, thx for ur compliment. =D it's ogey.. tgk nti2 pown ogey jew.. seriously, i rse dat video cm ntah papew. ngee~ Maxime? Glad dat u love it.. *wink*

  10. done watching.. =P

    video nih bagus jugak sebenarnya.. ^_^ cuma kena fokus lebih sebab tak berapa nak dengar..ngeh3..

    but, u punya advice bagos..jangan letak 100% trust and ready dari awal..memang itu yang sepatutnya.. ^_^

    btw, love your nail polish..soft jek warnanya..ngee..

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. sis putri..lme tak singgah sini...
    tips yang bagus jika kita patah hati satu ri nnti,,,

    so enjoy reading this entri :)

  13. haie my dear syaza.. glad u love it!! =DD xoxo!!

  14. cik anim dondengg!April 29, 2011 at 10:34 PM

    jjijjjiiiiitt syuudd!!!! aaauum!

  15. anim, behave plz.. meremang bulu roma aku.. lolol

  16. argh!!!!!!
    aq tlupa nk c'nue komen entry nih..
    mmg siyes "lawa+lawak+errr" tgk vdeo nih..
    lawa: sbb mmg hg cun pn..
    lawak: da gangguan.. omg..messy hair..colornail bagai..hahah!!
    errr: u r d fire extinguisher for d ladies now..
    kinda like dat~

  17. hahaha.. thx babe.. tp aku sndri annoyed ble tgk byk2 kali.. kahkahkah.. =p

  18. ahahah!! noe wat, aq ska buka you tube 1 minah saleh nih.. dia ny peel cm hg a.. tetibe "omg!!ma nail looks cool in 'ere!!" pastu kekadang, "why suddenly i can see a spot on 'ere" smbil picit2 her chin.. ahahah!! tp aq ok j.. dat makes me lol babe~

  19. yekew.. pew nme die?? bole layan jugak tme free time nti.. =)


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