Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Gadis Sepatu Tinggi: Random

Just FYI, title "Gadis Sepatu Tinggi" cuma akan digunapakai pada entry yg berkaitan internship sahaja. Contohnya ini, ini, ini, ini, ini, ini, ini, mahupun ini, dan juga ini. (ogey, sila abaikan kalau malas nk layan. =p) All of them are covered my internship's life literally and ain't focusing on work only. As u can read. *if u read la.

So, last Thursday En. Lan (staff in the media department) bermurah hati ingin belanja Kak Sarah, Eifa and I Papa John's Pizza. tehee~ =DD (It's my first try anyway) Of course la howyeaaah2 like never mkn pizza before kan. Plus bile org lak nk blanje pulak.

Seriously, not bad. I love it! And it's slightly different from Pizza Hut. Cos they have cili jeruk, garlic butter, and also tomato paste together with the pizza. Yes, mkn ngan pizza ogey. Nice~

Then we planned to go to Sunway Pyramid on Saturday to play ice skating. *wink*

Unfortunately, there was a competition held on that day! Meaning, there's NO ICE SKATING man!! tsk. >,< Again, hasrat tak kesampaian. Apa punya tak berjodoh la ngan ice skating nie.. huuu~

So, we go to the Plan B.. Watch movie la derrr~ Wat's d better idea to replace ice skating anyway?


It's a must-activity ogey. Never been listed in the "optional activities" lol

This is our movie selection, Just Go With It. And my comment is, Hilarious people!! Go, and watch diz movie. I guarantee you it's worth it! Really. (^_~)

Owh, btw... meet Anuar. He is Eifa's fren aka ex.
(she will kill me if she found out I mentioned her ex!)

So, this is Kak Sarah AND my new heels!!! LOLOL

I just bought it while waiting for the movie and trus pakai ogey. It shows dat keterujaan pada tahap yang maksima people. (padahal POYO x hengat) kahkahkah

p/s: I told ya, shopping is a MUST activity. =p

pp/s: It's kinda cute what to still be friends with ur ex. Right? *i think la. (^_^)v

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