Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tips untuk Si Patah Hati

Haie dolls!!
I promise u, for this entry it won't be long.

Motif entri?
*sila tgk bwh

Soalan nie da berkurun lme kt TWITTER I tp baru skarg berkesempatan nk menjawab. I'm so sorry my dear.. Since she asked for a tips, xkan la I nk gigih menaip kt twitter lak kn. It's a tips anyway. Sure it'll be long. So, I promised her to share in my blog.

And am sure, you guys pown mesti cm blurblurpending x berapa nak faham kan.. Well, her question was actually referring to my previous love relationship. She just curious macam mana I bole handle "the broke-up" very well (i guess) cos the relationship has been 6 years. Since I MALAS gila nak menaip so, I simply make a video. And I believe, easy for you guys to understand too.

1) Don't watch this video if you don't need the tips. Seriously, it juz gonna waste your time.
2) This video has been recorded by one shot. Tiada tapisan mahupun editing. Maka terlalu banyak sampah.
3) Just stop the video kalau tekak mula rasa loya. Deal?

FALSE dictionary:
* Auntie flow - the flow that we girls have every month. Faham?
* Luar jangkauan?? It's jangkaan perhaps? Kn? (",)
* Am sorry if you feel annoyed Looking at my face. +.+

p/s: In every br[OK]en, there is an OK right? so, it's OK to get broken once in your life. It's the best way for you to learn appreciate things around you and not to repeat the SAME MISTAKE.

pp/s: Don't be afraid of letting go, you may lose out on something good, but you might gain something even better..



*nota tertinggal: Entri kali nie adalah jawapan kepada TEASER sebelum ini. *wink*

you got to go
Go-Go-Go Go-Go-Go ~


Monday, April 25, 2011


I think am facing a prob with my own self. Dimana kadang-kadang ekspresi muka dan mulut tidak mengikut arahan otak. And it could lead to the BIG MISUNDERSTANDING. Like REALLY HUGE.


He smiled at me ngan gigihnya siap buka cermin tingkap keta.

Arahan otak: smile back to him. Well, at least.. look at him!

What I did was: Bukan je tak senyum tp siap buat muka minta kaki.

A friend said: He's looking and smiling at you. Kesian dia.

Arahan otak: Say sorry. I really didn't mean to. Well, at least.. tell that u didn't noticed it. Jaga la hati sket.

And I said: "Owh, really? Lantak la die. Malas nk layan."

GOSH!! Mulut nie kan!!! >,<


A friend asked to accompany her, met our friend at mamak.

Arahan otak: Be nice.. Though u are freaking tired.

What I did was: Watched TV and totally ignored d conversation.

Arahan otak: Join the conversation la bongok! TV kt uma pun boleh tgk lg.

Ogey. Ogey. Chill la!

And I said: "Ooo" ... "Ummmm" ..... "yeala" ..... "i c" ..... DONE!



Phone's ringing.

Arahan otak: Sila angkat dan berbicara sopan.

He asked, "y u didn't picked up my call hari tue?"

Arahan otak: Say I have works to do. And do apologize.

And I said: "Saja. Malas."


*otak can't take it anymore. =.="

I didn't really meant to say and react that way. It's so spontaneous. And I dunno y mulut nie sgt degil. Dan muka? Y u have to do dat face?? seriously?

p/s: now, if u wanna call me cocky, diva, or watever it is. SAYA TERIMA. it's my bad. sigh sigh sigh.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Vintage Mode

Title: Got to Go
Artist: Najwa Mahiaddin

ENJOY dolls!!

Well, this is actually a teaser for the next entry.
*Not really next, it could be LATER. tehehee~ =DD

p/s: No worries, I'll let u noe dolls!! *wink*

Friday, April 15, 2011

Too cute to handle

Sorry angels.. I just can't help it. Can't help myself to not blog this. This guy really drift me away. He's too cute man! Owh my~ What good deed did I do to deserve this?

Mao baca jugak??

Klik jew la kt gmbar tue. =p

p/s: pinch me!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Maxime Matter

People always say that French guys are romantic, charming and lovable. Which make them so irresistible.

Honestly, I have no idea. But somehow, that is what film love to portrait them. Right?

Until I met this guy names Maxime (now u noe wat's d title is all about aite. Hey, am back talking bout guy!!! wootwoot~) =p We met during my last event which is Jelajah 1 M'sia. It's actually the cycling event. So, Maxime is one of the cyclists who took part in that competition. And he's from France!

Technically, it was started when Eifa wanted to take a picture with them (d France's cyclists). Surprisingly, he came to me after that and asked to take a picture together (only him and I). What a surprise!! A foreigner asked to take a pic with me! Can u believe dat?! Da tak perasan cm artist lak lps tue kn. kahkahkah.

So, dat was it. We took a pic and I smiled then I walked away. Like that? Yes, just like that! I noe, bongok kn. tsk. =_="

Sampai one of the staffs yg dew kt situ ckp dkt I,
"Apsal ko x kasi email ko kt die? Ckp la nk suh die antar gmbr td kt ko. Nti ko bole chat ngan die."

Sometimes I can be so bimbo. Smpai nk kne owg ajar how to flirt be nice with new people that interested in me. haaaaaish.

The next day, when I was talking to my course mate with her boss, Maxime was there too.. But I can't simply stop the conversation with them just for d sake I-wanna-talk-to-him. Seriously, it is so rude. Again, I just ignored him while he seemed wanna talk to me. I just dunno how should I react though. tsk. =_=

Only until the last day of the event, I met him again. Yet, I was in the conversation with the boss of Harley Davidson. Dammit! Fortunately, he was brave enough to come close and again, asked to take a picture. X kesah la as long as I got d chance to talk to him. Then bwu I brani ckp I want dat picture and hope he could send it to my email. Bravo!

So, we changed our email add and had a lil conversation, which to my surprise he can't speak English and hard to understand it! hadoyaaaaaai~ Now I noe, y people always say that you need to at least noe a French word when u are in their state. They won't bother if you speak English to them. Unless you talk your language first (except English) then they'll entertain you.

I really thought it'll finish there. I don't really think that he'll bother to email me and so-what-not. I REALLY DON'T THINK SO. neaaah-aaaaahh~ *geleng-geleng kepala

But, am totally wrong! He did emailed me when he arrived in Singapore 'till he got home in France. And of course, d email is so hard to understand. lol

Stiap kali bce email die, I need to brainstorm with Eifa as my translator first before reply. And it is not easy am telling you! Sbb I tkot I slh interpret d msg jew. But I'm so relieve when he finally found the Google Translate. Which makes it easier for me to understand. hahaha

*note: simply click at d pic to enlarge.

It's kinda cute! huhu..

And now it has proven dat French guy bisa mencairkan hati dara.
Melting every time I read his email.

Meet Maxime.
am accidentally in love with him.
(♥ ____________ ♥)

p/s: He'd promised wanna come to M'sia soon just to stay with me. And I don't noe dat he's so serious bout diz whole-unbelievable-relationship until he started to talk about marriage, religion and so-whatever. This is so awkward man!! pfffft.

pp/s: And I just dunno am I really ready for this. huaarrrrhhh~

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Gadis Sepatu Tinggi: HomeWork

p/s: I just love my nail color. teheeee~ =DD

Gadis Sepatu Tinggi: Random

Just FYI, title "Gadis Sepatu Tinggi" cuma akan digunapakai pada entry yg berkaitan internship sahaja. Contohnya ini, ini, ini, ini, ini, ini, ini, mahupun ini, dan juga ini. (ogey, sila abaikan kalau malas nk layan. =p) All of them are covered my internship's life literally and ain't focusing on work only. As u can read. *if u read la.

So, last Thursday En. Lan (staff in the media department) bermurah hati ingin belanja Kak Sarah, Eifa and I Papa John's Pizza. tehee~ =DD (It's my first try anyway) Of course la howyeaaah2 like never mkn pizza before kan. Plus bile org lak nk blanje pulak.

Seriously, not bad. I love it! And it's slightly different from Pizza Hut. Cos they have cili jeruk, garlic butter, and also tomato paste together with the pizza. Yes, mkn ngan pizza ogey. Nice~

Then we planned to go to Sunway Pyramid on Saturday to play ice skating. *wink*

Unfortunately, there was a competition held on that day! Meaning, there's NO ICE SKATING man!! tsk. >,< Again, hasrat tak kesampaian. Apa punya tak berjodoh la ngan ice skating nie.. huuu~

So, we go to the Plan B.. Watch movie la derrr~ Wat's d better idea to replace ice skating anyway?


It's a must-activity ogey. Never been listed in the "optional activities" lol

This is our movie selection, Just Go With It. And my comment is, Hilarious people!! Go, and watch diz movie. I guarantee you it's worth it! Really. (^_~)

Owh, btw... meet Anuar. He is Eifa's fren aka ex.
(she will kill me if she found out I mentioned her ex!)

So, this is Kak Sarah AND my new heels!!! LOLOL

I just bought it while waiting for the movie and trus pakai ogey. It shows dat keterujaan pada tahap yang maksima people. (padahal POYO x hengat) kahkahkah

p/s: I told ya, shopping is a MUST activity. =p

pp/s: It's kinda cute what to still be friends with ur ex. Right? *i think la. (^_^)v