Monday, March 14, 2011

Perpetually Stick To

Haie loves!! Finally am back to the state. howyeaaah2~ Outstation for 6 days was suffered. Especially to be around haters. It was damn terrible I'm telling you. =_="

In spite of this, am so thankful dat my sweethearts never leave me alone. (^_^) They make my day as always. =)

Isn't she's just the sweetheart?
My lovely and beautiful Mama..
♥ I only live for her ♥

A day before I left for the outstation, I'm still in time to do surprise for Abang's birthday. *wink* Nothing big just 16cupcakes. lol Gile tak gempak kan. Tp enuf to make abang touching. lalala~ =p It is such a bless to make him happy I believe. N I promise to myself, bile da keja nanti I'll celebrate each and every single of my siblings' birthday with a great deal. wooohooo~

When I was away, shit happened there. And seriously, I can't breathe with my dead body. I was so pathetic and yes, am totally defenseless. I cried every nights u know. Damn! But there was my baby angel came and made me smile again. How I miss him so much right now. huuu~

note: He's using a capital A for his name which stands for Haiqal. Well, he pronounces it as Aiqal. Dat's y it is an A. Short form abesh. hahaha.


  1. awww~ your mom is sooo sweet x)

    *tiba² ada my face dalam entri tu. hahaha~ :B

  2. hehehe.. tue la psl.. it's ogey, it's actually my honor to have ur face in my entry. *wink* thx anyway darling for being supportive. =)

  3. wat happened dear till u badly cried nyt long??

  4. biasala babe. d same old thing. jealousy i guess. =_=

  5. urgh!! wat a live~ letey la cmni kn.. penat hg nk sabaq lagi & lagik.. tapi aq xpandai asah parang.. ngeee~ hahah!!

  6. hahaha.. ogey lg.. yg aku asyik nk kne bli tisu nie. pew cer? huu~ >.<

  7. let me hug u!! uiks?? x besh, aq keping!! xpe, aq pos mama g pelok hg.. nak??

  8. how can I say no to Mama? nanak2!!!! =p

  9. hahahahahahahahanguklajucikit!!
    (xmo pkai lol, sgt short)
    klu mama j laju naw~

  10. hahahahahahahahaha taw xpew.. =p