Sunday, March 27, 2011

Finale AdFest

Hello angels!! It feels good to blog again. Alhamdulillah, I had a safe journey went to and back home from PD. FYI, this is the last AdFest I can attend since am already in final semester. Too sad to think that I'm gonna leave Uni's life so soon. sobsobsob And it is too sad too that the AdNite wasn't Roxx as the previous sem. Kecewa ogey. Apa nie junior? U guys let us down tau.. Da la nie d last AdNite ktowg bole join. >.< But the rest, u guys just doing great. I really wanna give credit for the hotel selection. Avillion is damn cool yaaaw!!

*note: Xyah susah2 nk pkai kanta bagai. Just click at d pictures utk tumbesaran yg lebih sihat.

Proudly to tell that both of us mmg kamikaze gile g PD. None of us tahu where's exactly d place especially the hotel. But u know what? We've made it ogey! Tanpa sesat. tehee~ =DD

Sy sorg pemandu b'hemah.
*sila percaya*

Berhemah (???)

So, here we were..

Nice kn?

At night, we had our dinner then just walked around the hotel.
And yeah, also attended the AdTalk.

Seriously, it felt like vacation sendri lak since we're not necessary to follow all the activities cos we already da seniors kn.. *bangga sekejap* So, we had a lot of free time. Went out to 'Bandar' PD. Agak t'kejut when I first arrived there. I was like, "ogey, so.... diz is bandar PD?" We did nothing much there. Just shopped some stuffs. Then headed back to hotel and lepak kt pntai in the evening.

AdNite Theme: Glam Rock

One of our lecturers who came to give support; Prof Madya Parween Atta.

p/s: Those yg x tahu apa tu AdFest can read HERE cos before this da byk jugak I shared bout AdFest since it is our tradition every semester for advertising students (MassComm S.Alam).

pp/s: At least, I have a great time there after a horrible weeks before. What a Bless!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

ME time

Normally when people asked me,
"Hey, watcha doing in weekend?"

For sure la I'll answered in the coolest way ever kn.
"Owh, hangout with my girls, go to shop, catch latest movie in cinema and stuffs.."
(ogey, x cool pown)

But at least it's waaaaay better than this,
"Owh, nothing much.. Just read books"

Which is so damn pathetic to admit THAT IS THE FACT man!!!!

Fine, I dun need to lie pun actually. I don't want to either. It just that, who's gonna believe diz GIRL

going to read a book during weekend?? Tell me who?


SEE! No ONE believe kn?


I got myself two fancy books this month. Since working, I don't really have so much time to read though. Yet, to buy is still a must. tehee~ =DD But, yeah, I still gigih curi 10mins for 2-3 pages in a day. Sgt lems skarg. I miss d time of vacation with books. It's heaven. (ayat xnk nerd lg kn) tsk. >.<

Saturday, March 19, 2011


Kechick is clumsy, funny, adorable and damn cute. Sumpah bole wt geram rse nk picit2. haish.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Judgement ERRORs

What is the first thing u'll do when u meet new person? Making a first impression? Right? Suda la. Tipu la klau u guys x penah ada any first impression towards someone that u just met. Cheating cheating cheating! =p

So what if I do have first impression? Does it wrong?????

Hell NO!! Nothing's wrong derrr~ It's a free country anyway. Up to you la kan nak ada any kind of perceptionsss or impressionsss pun. Kan? kan? kan? But what make it so wrong when u started to put a judgement along with ur impression. That is so WRONG! Because, who the hell you think you are? Ministry? Lawyer? Ahli Muzik? lolol (fine. Lame joke)

Personally, frankly speaking, am a person who do-not-judge-a-book-by-it's-cover. And why am I not simply judging people? It is because I DON'T LIKE PEOPLE JUDGING ME TOO! (sila take note) Not even during the first meeting, 2 kali, 3 kali, 4 kali pun I still won't judge u. Cos I don't expect that I can understand or know 110% of you in our 4th times meeting. (Even u might do something wrong dat can really spoil the trust) Cos I always think in two ways which are in the positive and negative sides. Which others find so hard to do that. Why ahh?? Why on earth you love to simply judge people?? Ape ko da ckup bgus ke? If u only can use your brain smartly, hey c'mon! We are all God's creation. One of a kind. Jgn takbur sgt bole? Even now u think u mmg da ckup bgus sgt pun, please bare in ur mind dat u aren't always on d top. What goes around, comes around. What goes up, must come down. 

Just to share with you some of the first impressions dat I always have from new people, people that's-so-called-knew-me-so-very-well. (wat the heck?!) Faham? Faham, bagus. X faham, suda.

Perlu kew ko nk wt mke minta penampar tue? Bajet gaya Diva la kan? Prasan sgt!

Ogey, fine. Salah mke I.

Do you really have to do pout for the sake of giving a pose?? Tempias Angelina Jolie pown x dpt la. Gedik!

Ogey. That's another point. tsk.

Owh, purleeeeasssse~ You really think dat's cute??! Wake up girl!

Thanks to you to have the word of cute. At least, it cross ur mind jugak. Me=Cute. Cute=Me lolol

Konon style la pkai suar Micheal Jackson ngan kasut Lady Gaga? Are you trying to show dat u r fashionable yg ntah apa-apa???

Rasa mcm x mnta ur money pun kan nak beli all the outfits? =_="

Tgk style mcm simple and cool jew. Tp cocky kot!

Am I???

So, basically those are other's first impressions towards me. Best x bile you know that people are judging u so bad in a MEAN way. Plus using MEAN words. X best pun kn? Sakit hati lg ada la. So, think twice before u made one. Because at d end of the day, Allah itu Maha Kaya and Maha Berkuasa. Mengkritik hamba Allah sama seperti menghina ciptaan Dia. Klau Dia nk tarik everything that you have in a sec, it can happens. So, always be nice to people and people will be nice to you back. As simple as that!

| Point wanted to ADD, just FYI. |

This girl is just the ordinary girl who wants to live her life to the fullest with her own way. And to make you feel extra satisfied, her world is so BORING! Like, SERIOUSLY!

Sometimes, jealousy is the reason to lead into a BAD judgement. Miss communication also one of the things that can create judgement. And actually there are loads of possibilities and reasons to the starting of make a judgement. It cannot be stopped. But to have you my sweethearts with a smart brain I believe, we can change such attitude in order to become a better person. Try to avoid it by having the second opinion in your head which is the positive thoughts before you easily fall into any judgements. I, myself is trying to improve to be a better person too. So, let's do it together dolls!! *wink*

p/s: Yet, there are no points taken that you can be jealous with me. None right?

Monday, March 14, 2011

Perpetually Stick To

Haie loves!! Finally am back to the state. howyeaaah2~ Outstation for 6 days was suffered. Especially to be around haters. It was damn terrible I'm telling you. =_="

In spite of this, am so thankful dat my sweethearts never leave me alone. (^_^) They make my day as always. =)

Isn't she's just the sweetheart?
My lovely and beautiful Mama..
♥ I only live for her ♥

A day before I left for the outstation, I'm still in time to do surprise for Abang's birthday. *wink* Nothing big just 16cupcakes. lol Gile tak gempak kan. Tp enuf to make abang touching. lalala~ =p It is such a bless to make him happy I believe. N I promise to myself, bile da keja nanti I'll celebrate each and every single of my siblings' birthday with a great deal. wooohooo~

When I was away, shit happened there. And seriously, I can't breathe with my dead body. I was so pathetic and yes, am totally defenseless. I cried every nights u know. Damn! But there was my baby angel came and made me smile again. How I miss him so much right now. huuu~

note: He's using a capital A for his name which stands for Haiqal. Well, he pronounces it as Aiqal. Dat's y it is an A. Short form abesh. hahaha.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Gadis Sepatu Tinggi: Inter-Framed

Haie dolls!! First of all, I'm so sorry for not updating my blog quite a long time. Second of all, just FYI today is my last day been busy with PCs thingy (regarding to our upcoming event which is Jelajah 1 Malaysia that will be held so soon). Those who had followed me on my TWITTER knew how frequent I went out for the PC. In dat case, I would love to share with you guys, the shot of mine in TV3 news n also the press clipping from Utusan. Enjoy!! xoxo

Btw, this ain't a video. It juz a snapshot from Tonton website. tehee~ (^_^)v
(Yes, my serious face ain't cute at all. haha..)

This is from Utusan online. I noe d pic is damn small. U can't even find where actually am I aite? So, in order to help you find me, u need to find the smallest red arrow first or, or, OR find the only gal wearing white shirt standing near to the car. Gud luck dolls!! LOL

*note: PC - Press Conference