Saturday, February 26, 2011

Gadis Sepatu Tinggi: Special ReCap

Haie dolls!! It'd been quite a long time I am not updating d trainee's activities. tehee~ =DD I'm so sorry to post these so late. I've been so sick and haven't had the energy to do anything! Now that I'm feeling better so, I finally can share with you some of the event's pics dat I've left out so many weeks. Correction. It has been a MONTH!! pfft. o.0

Let's check out d event that is so in PAST. Month ago. LOL Which is Le Tour d Langkawi (LTdL). I've mentioned bout it before I'm leaving for d event btw. U can read HERE to know the actual date of the post. (to make u believe dat I'm talking bout a month past event actually.kahkahkah)

So, basically I've joined LTdL after 3days it began. X dpt nk join awal2 cos there r tons of works in d office needed to complete first. Only when they were in Genting I managed to join til the end of the event which d finale stage was in Dataran Merdeka.

Well, Eifa and I actually joined the Cavalcade team. Thanks to Dato' for d exposure and experience dat we had. He's d one who wanted us to join diz event and we owed him a lot. Surely. *wink* Anyway, those who have no idea what is Cavalcade, here's d pic;

So, this is what we called Cavalcade. The team dat has so many cars (include the sponsor cars) to convoy with the cyclists. We were 1 hour ahead of the cyclists in order to do a promotion along the road by distribute the promotional materials.

A week joined the Cavalcade team was AWESOME! We stopped at so many places. Meaning, we've stayed in so many hotels along d event. D best part was when we got the Executive Suite Room. Sumpah, it was so COOL!

So many things happened there and I do wanna share. It juz that I tkot u guys muak. hahaha. I think I should stop here. But no worries, I'm leaving with you d pics. ngee~ (^_^)v

Orait, enough with LTdL. Cont to another event. Hermm.. Not really an event. But it juz part of the social activities. (nothing to do with the trainee's task. teheee~ =DD)

For the first time I jejak masuk stadium just to watch a football match. Can u believe dat??!! Me? watching FOOTBALL match??!! HAHAHA I really want to freeze the time if I can. lalala~ o.0 I'm pretty jakun there. kahkahkah. It's like a new world for me. Really. Yet, it ain't good for my health. I hate to be surrounded by smokers. arrrh! Betul-betul rasa pernafasan terjejas. But what to do. It's a guys' place man!!! Love it or hate it, u need to deal with it. *pasrah* Owh, btw it was Malaysia vs Hong Kong. I got so excited when I watched d ball hit d goal nets! Like "hey, I'm watching it!! I'm watching it!! Bola masuk gol!!!" (Ogey, I noe.. Sounds so jakun. Suda. Enough!)

Baru je settle with LTdL, we are now busy with upcoming event which is Jelajah 1 Malaysia. Again, it is a cycling event. This event will be on this coming March. It is normal to be extra busy before the event. And In sya Allah, Eifa and I again will be joining this event from A to Z. For this event it takes 3 different states. Starting in Kluang go to Pekan and will be ended in Nilai. Sure lps nie kulit I tan. hahaha..

This is during the launch day at Royal Chulan Hotel.

And today, I just went back from OCM for the PC (press conference) of 100 Plus Jersey Presentation as one of the sponsors for this event. It is too bad that I couldn't catch up myself in telly during berita. Only knew it from colleague. tsk. =_=

Anyway, I think dat's enough. GOSH!! I da merapu sgt pajang. Ogey, da smpai salah eja lg. Panjang. pfft. (@_@) Take care loves. xoxo

p/s: Got theatre ticket of Terima Kasih Cinta from CEO. *wink* The theatre was so amazing! I loike~ =DD


  1. omg~ i really wanted to watch that theater terima kasih cinta owh @__@ balik dgr org promote di radio. *sobs*~

  2. seriously d theater really awesome! u should watch. tehee~ =D