Thursday, January 20, 2011


Breakfast + Lunch = Brunch
Definitely with Style.

Last Saturday WE had our brunch in 4 Seasons Restaurant with style. It is Super Cool yaaaw~ D restaurant has 4 different sections with different seasons; Summer, Winter, Autumn and Spring. So, u can choose which season u wanna have ur dishes. N obviously we go for Winter!! Malaysia is too hot man. gesssh.

Aktiviti makan di tempat makan yang best is a PLEASURE. Tp aktiviti lepas mkn which is m'capap a.k.a bergambar is a MUST ogey! huhu.. So, yes! We did bergambar. tehee~ =DD

*note: we had our brunch in Winter but Autumn for photography sesion. ngee~ (n_n)\m/

p/s: I'm not another Datuk Siti ogey. pfft. =_='

To complete WE

♥ meet the talented photographer ♥

♥ The most favorite part of the day ♥

Candid time!!

I've fallen in love with all the candid shots, pics, snaps and whatnot since forever. N I believe I've mentioned it sooo many times in my blog. I juz love it cos I think they're Gorgeous!! =))

p/s: tetibe rse cm Ayu dlm Lagenda Budak Setan lak. Ble Kasyah keep snapping her pics. Ogey, ini adalah mode: Perasan. Sila abaikan. (^_^)v


  1. makanan dekat situ mahal tak babe?

  2. i would say d price is average. Standard restaurant kowt. huhu.. But it is nice to try there. Slightly different from other restaurants. *wink*

  3. sis putri..
    btw u maken gojes mehhh...suke tgk ;)

  4. so sweet of u dear:) as usual.....
    enjoy eating, chit-chatting , n hang out dgn kwn2 mmg best:)

  5. hahhaa, ha'ah lah dam mcm dato' siti dah ko ni. haha,aku suke ko senyum. Ikhlas gile. Mestilah iklhas bile tersayang ade disisi kan? haha :)

  6. syaza dear: thx darl!! mish u muchie!! XO!

    my love princess fifiey: thx doll! yup2 sgt besh. hee~ waiting to have some time lepak with u dear.. *wink*

    effarini: blom dgr i gelak tue. Gelak lg la I ikhlas. LOLOL btw dear, thx ya!

  7. i always love ur candid pics.nice!!like2345!!

  8. thx love!! heart u 2345 too!! XO!!

  9. whoa!!aq br j enter entry nih..
    u never told me bout dat guy dear..

  10. nti kta lepak, aku cter ea.. *wink*

  11. uhhhhhh~kapan dong maw ketemu??kok kmu d tgh benua,gwe lagik d utara..waduh2..bisa pusing loh..

  12. kahkahkah..sjak bla ang da tukar kewarganegaraan nieh. huhu.. ang trun la kl weih.. confirm aku entertain ang terbaek punya.. *wink*