Saturday, January 22, 2011

Gadis Sepatu Tinggi: part 3

I find myself so bad in managing and scheduling time recently. sigh. I dunno y but most probably I'm still in adapting process. Trying to cope with Advertising REAL life. Read Advertising book is totally different with its life. It is damn hectic I'm telling you. N last week is the most challenging week SO FAR. ('SO FAR' here means I dunno how wild it could be in the future. tsk.) I don't even have my beauty sleep or sweet time for myself. Obviously I need to have daya ketahanan yg kuat n tahap kesabaran yg tinggi. Kalau u x bole sbr, sila angkat kaki dr dunia Advertising. pffft.

Juz imagine, org lain sedap berehat kt umah time public holiday, ktorg keja. Sharp pkul 5 or 6 org laen da cabut blk uma, ktorg still in the office working til late nite. N no wonder advertising people especially lady lambat kawen n possibility to get divorce is high. Siapa bole tahan?

People who are not in Advertising field definitely won't understand what's the f**king we do. (Apologize for the 'F' word) I attached herewith the flow chart in advertising agency. So at least, u will get a picture of advertising world.

**Google Source: 1) 2)

And this is how we work that works

What basically I do are; Meet clients and do market analysis (as refer to the mind mapping above) Meet clients is like everyday since we are always look for a new project and at the same time I'm working on market analysis for Indonesia Tourism. (simply like a mini thesis) =_=' So, I need to find all the infos and datas needed by my own in whatever ways.

Cerita Selasa:
11 am - Meeting with client in Columbia Asia
12.30 pm - Went back to the office
1 pm - Lunch
2.30 pm - Make an appointment with Indonesia Tourism (Meeting time at 3.30 pm)

Only at 3.15 pm I managed gerak dr ofis. Damn! Y is dat too late? I HAVE TO GOOGLE THE MAP TO GET THERE! (see how bad am I with directions. tsk.) =_=' N guess at what time I smpai? 5.45 pm MAN!! shit. shit. shit. Sumpah nk GPS lps nie.

I'm so thankful the client is so understanding and very helpful. Thanks a lot Mr. Shafee. fuuuuh~

Cerita Khamis:
Note: It's public holiday (Thaipussam kn?) Mmg xde keinginan pun nk g Batu Caves tp at least berharap dpt qada' tido dgn sepuas-puasnya. Unfortunately, on Wed lg bos da pesan suh dtg ofis. grrrr~

10.15 am - Breakfast with boss
11 am - Masuk ofis
3.45 pm - Lunch
4.15 pm - Back to work

After a while.
Tgk jam kt pc.
1.30 AM

Cerita Jumaat:
11 am - Went to DEMC in Shah Alam. (p/s: I x sesat sbb Shah Alam still di hati. tehee~ =DD)

I supposedly meet another client in Dome, KLCC with Mr Zach and Mahir at 3.30pm. Only at 2.45 pm keja kt Shah Alam settle. Rushing blk ke ofis. 3.15 pm smpai ofis. Mr Zach n Mahir had just left the office like a min before I sampai. I called Mr Zach n u know wat he asked me? Die suh I naik LRT g KLCC. WTH??!!!!! LRT BY MY OWN?? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?????? waaaaaaaaaaa~ sumpah mcm nk nanges owh!!! FYI, I never naik LRT by my own okay. Cuak dgn serta merta. Thank God I always have this guy to be there everytime I need him. No, dia x amik I. But he teached me through phone all the way on my journey to get to the KLCC. Start from beli ticket kt kaunter LRT til smpai Dome. GOSH!! I'm SURVIVED!! Loads of thx dude. U save my life.


  1. akak comel;)
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    take enough rest too ya:)

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