Saturday, January 15, 2011

Gadis Sepatu Tinggi: part 2

It's Saturday already and I am now in d office. Konon nk do some job but end up update blog. tehee~ =D If I don't take this chance, confirm minggu dpn lak baru nk update blog. (Ogey. Da xyah nk buat ayat bajet busy sangat. LOL)

I'm so thankful that I chose Warisan Advertising as a place to complete my internship programme. No regret at all cos they really give me the opportunity to learn and feel the real world of advertising. Bunch of thx guys. Mana ada company yang sanggup nk ajar trainee ngan bersungguh-sungguh. Standard trainee slalu kne buat keja fotostat, bancuh teh, cop surat, etc. But here is different. I really feel like I am among the family members already. *wink*

Nak promote company kesayangan kejap. =))

Baru 2 minggu start intern, they have set up an event which is the bowling tournament. N I have to join! (How to say NO to Mr. WUG 87 anyway when he insisted? tsk.) Those who really know me, they know how SUCK am I in BOWLING! Bole dikira ngan jari berapa kali je I angkat that bowl. Like 3-4 times I believe. It is not my favorite. Really. So, bila disuruh join I betul-betul rasa cm nk nangis. =_=

Meet Sis Nurul, one of my team mates. She's cool! =)) Owh, btw.. Our team's name is Pink Bowler. Woootwooot~ (p/s: Don't blame me for the name) =p

See how the unprofessional do bowling. LOLOLOL
One word, FUNNY! =P

Sis Risa siap ckp, "It's okay Syue, biar pecah lane asal strike."

U got what her mean?

Maksudnya, I baling d bowl tue mcm nk pecah lane. Tapi masalahnya tak strike la pulak. LOLOLOL

Overall, it wasn't that bad la... And tetiba lak I cm da terjatuh chenta plak ngan bowling. lalalala~ o.0 

So, it's Friday. I've got ton of tasks given by Mr. Zach. It's quite challenging and interesting. Really. 

Only reached home at 8.30 p.m. Juz wanted some rest. And now, I totes understand y people so in love with Friday. During study, hari ain't big deal for me. Cos classes are not glued at 8a.m. - 5p.m. So, there are always free time during weekdays though. But keja is different. It's like school. N some more the hours are longer. tsk.

This is the proof dat I'm using Mac in the office.
(Muka bangga sambil angkat kening. huhu.. )


  1. siyesly u kt office skunk??wah!rajen nya.mse i practical dlu pown friday was awesome n ble sunday mesti mcm " nyer nk p keje esk".haha. btw, bowling best2. klo nk release tension ngan bowling pon best like imagine the pins tu mcm muka org yg kita nyampah n STRIKE was like "yeay"!!

  2. Standard trainee slalu kne wt kejew fotostat, bancuh teh, cop surat, etc? nooo lah. i intern dip dulu tak kene cmtu pn. 8jam keje, 8jam la ngadap pc. naik juling mata. haha then siap ajak join frindly match bola sepak lg dgn company lain. haha
    eh? dorg provide mac eh? cool!

  3. i LOVE your bag ! :D seriously. cantikkk :D &&& by looking at your bowling pics, i'm missing bowling already. awww~ :") lama x main la.

  4. matahari dear: mcm besh jew ur theory tue. imagine all d pins like someone's face dat we hate. Klaw awl2 i wt cm2 msti i da strike all d way game. LOLOLOL

  5. azam: u r one of d lucky la.. cos time i intern during dip i juz kne cop n fotostat jew tawu. tsk. yup! it's super cool work with Mac. *wink*

    ryna love: thx dear..huhu.. nti ajak la kanda azmi maen bowling.. =)