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Gadis Sepatu Tinggi: part 6

Supposedly lps blk keja td I da siap packing baju. So that I bole tdo awal mlm nie in order to have a fresh look tomorrow morning. Especially it is for Genting man! hee~ =D Tp apa la nasib.. Niat nk tdo awal during weekdays mmg x penah termakbul. tsk.

Baru je siap-siap nk gerak balik, I got 1 txt msg from Mr. Shaari,
"Let's go to karaoke tonight. Client's treat."
Shit. I was just about on plan to have my beauty sleep tonight. grrrr...
Mind you, this is a normal culture in media field. Somewhat I need to get use to it. Cos I'm too afraid to say 'No' since I'm just a trainee.. Redha ke x, mmg kena g jugak. But thank God Eifa always be there. So at least, I x mati kutu sorang-sorang. huhu..
At 12.50AM baru I smpai umah... N u know what makes me so 'happy' rite now? I-didn't-pack-anything-yet!! DAMN! I'm so tired! waaaaa~
p/s: My first time watched the music video of "Kekasih Gelapku" by Ungu during Karaoke td. Just fallen in …

Gadis Sepatu Tinggi: part 5

Haie loves!! This is a quick Wednesday's update. Juz got back from lunch with my boss, Ms. Saera at Marciano's. I could say that she is our makan partner. Naik segan owh asyik di belanja je. ngehngeh~ My Saturday morning pun da di booked oleh beliau. Jd teman b/fast. Jgn buat-buat kagum bila weekend I mampu bgn awal juz for the sake of breakfast ogey! Cos I had a b/fast with style. LOL Mne x style kalau b/fast pun kt Dome, KLCC. Gara-gara Ms. Saera kempunan pancake Dome. tsk. Sgt style bukan? =_="

So yesterday, I worked on proposal of Jelajah 1 Malaysia for this coming March with Mr. Zach n Aziemah. At first I was like, "owh, sket je nie.." Plus I've been informed that we should show to Dato' the proposal at 6pm for his approval. But then, we couldn't complete it on time. And bila Dato' dtg check, he added on few things. Meaning, dat keja is no more, "owh, sket je nie.." but has changed to "owh, da smakin byk nie.." pfft. …

Morning Alarm

Da biasa dengar alarm menjerit bila pukul 7 pg. Da biasa jugak ngan alarm ring tone - Good Things by Rich Boy ft Polow Don & Keri Hilson. Yea, alarm ring tone I sangat RnB. pfft. =.=

Pagi nie cm biasa, alarm menjerit lg pukul 7 pg. Dengan ring tone yang sama. N u know what I did with the alarm? Instead of I tekan button snooze/dismiss, I slide the phone and answer it as if; it was a phone call. Ngan confidence level yang maha tinggi I said, "Hello". Confirm la phone to senyap je. Da bukan pun phone call. It's ALARM MAN!! GOSH!! What the hell I'm doing?? gessssh~

Terus tarik slimut tutup muka tanda protest ngan diri sendiri. Ogey, tipu. Malu sendiri sebenarnye. DAMMIT!

p/s: Kalau 1 hari x memalukan diri sendiri bole x? tsk. o.0

Gadis Sepatu Tinggi: part 4

Haie dolls!! I owe u guys one BIG HELL an apologize cos have spoiled this day by posting those emotional entries. (refer to the 3 entries below). tsk. =_=" Should I excuse myself n blame this PMS thingy? pfft. I'm so sorry for being irrational. Nie la masalah bila melibatkan perasaan. grrrr~
I'm barely acknowledged my own feelings. The feelings of acceptance and existence of love. I just realized that I'm not ready yet to commit in any serious relationship. I dun wanna get back to my old-suck-love-life. I enjoy to be single in the moment and make worth of it. And as for that, I would love to take my sweet time to do what I love to do regardless other's feeling. It is such a bless u know. 
So, anyway.. It is so obvious that today I xde keja. Siap bole post 3 entries during working hour. Normally I won't have that chance to update blog during workdays. Tunggu weekend baru bole update. Tp hari nie adalah hari paling membahagiakan tanpa keja. *wink* (excluding t…

mode: emo

I drove for miles just to find you and find myself
Only screams all these voices in my head
You gave me strength gave me hope for a lifetime
I never was satisfied

This time won't you save me
Baby I can feel myself giving up
It's not your fault
Ima bitch ima monster
Yes Ima beast and I feast when I conquer
But I'm alone on my throne, all these riches
I came this way all this way just to say

This time won't you save me
Baby I can feel myself giving up

p/s: I keep thinking, "Y dun u juz tell me the truth at the first sight?"

pp/s: N I keep listening to the What If song. =_=

Gadis Sepatu Tinggi: part 3

I find myself so bad in managing and scheduling time recently. sigh. I dunno y but most probably I'm still in adapting process. Trying to cope with Advertising REAL life. Read Advertising book is totally different with its life. It is damn hectic I'm telling you. N last week is the most challenging week SO FAR. ('SO FAR' here means I dunno how wild it could be in the future. tsk.) I don't even have my beauty sleep or sweet time for myself. Obviously I need to have daya ketahanan yg kuat n tahap kesabaran yg tinggi. Kalau u x bole sbr, sila angkat kaki dr dunia Advertising. pffft.

Juz imagine, org lain sedap berehat kt umah time public holiday, ktorg keja. Sharp pkul 5 or 6 org laen da cabut blk uma, ktorg still in the office working til late nite. N no wonder advertising people especially lady lambat kawen n possibility to get divorce is high. Siapa bole tahan?

People who are not in Advertising field definitely won't understand what's the f**king we do.…


Breakfast + Lunch = Brunch
Definitely with Style.
Last Saturday WE had our brunch in 4 Seasons Restaurant with style. It is Super Cool yaaaw~ D restaurant has 4 different sections with different seasons; Summer, Winter, Autumn and Spring. So, u can choose which season u wanna have ur dishes. N obviously we go for Winter!! Malaysia is too hot man. gesssh.

Aktiviti makan di tempat makan yang best is a PLEASURE. Tp aktiviti lepas mkn which is m'capap a.k.a bergambar is a MUST ogey! huhu.. So, yes! We did bergambar. tehee~ =DD

*note: we had our brunch in Winter but Autumn for photography sesion. ngee~ (n_n)\m/

p/s: I'm not another Datuk Siti ogey. pfft. =_='
To complete WE

♥ meet the talented photographer ♥

♥ The most favorite part of the day ♥
Candid time!!

I've fallen in love with all the candid shots, pics, snaps and whatnot since forever. N I believe I've mentioned it sooo many times in my blog. I juz love it cos I think they're Gorgeous!!…

Gadis Sepatu Tinggi: part 2

It's Saturday already and I am now in d office. Konon nk do some job but end up update blog. tehee~ =D If I don't take this chance, confirm minggu dpn lak baru nk update blog. (Ogey. Da xyah nk buat ayat bajet busy sangat. LOL)

I'm so thankful that I chose Warisan Advertising as a place to complete my internship programme. No regret at all cos they really give me the opportunity to learn and feel the real world of advertising. Bunch of thx guys. Mana ada company yang sanggup nk ajar trainee ngan bersungguh-sungguh. Standard trainee slalu kne buat keja fotostat, bancuh teh, cop surat, etc. But here is different. I really feel like I am among the family members already. *wink*

Nak promote company kesayangan kejap. =))
Baru 2 minggu start intern, they have set up an event which is the bowling tournament. N I have to join! (How to say NO to Mr. WUG 87 anyway when he insisted? tsk.) Those who really know me, they know how SUCK am I in BOWLING! Bole dikira ngan jari berapa kali j…

Gadis Sepatu Tinggi: part 1

Haie dolls! Happy lovely Wed =) FYI, I'm doing my internship currently. ehem. (nada berkerjaya sedikit.) tehee~ :p An escapism to not blog lately. I miss u guys. Really.

Here are some of what I've been through on last week (i.e. the first week of my intership);

♥ Rent a room betul-betul belakang office. Sgt happy cos xyah drive nk g keja. Jln kaki pun bole. 5 mins da smpai office. (On the other words, bole bgn lmbt nk g kejew la. LOL)

♥ Intern is Awesome! N staffs are nice. *wink*

♥ Start to learn working for long hours. Have to get used to. Yet, it is a great experience. Sumpah.

♥ Sgt teruja menggayakan office attire. tehee~ :D


p/s: Pkai Mac owh kt ofis. Jgn marah haa~ :p

2011 first entry

Such a lame. pfft.
After 11 days, baru I managed to at least post one entry in 2011. o.0 New year pun x sempat nk wish. N plg sedih x sempat nak wish pun Happy Birthday kt abah on last 1.1.2011. Bertuah punya anak. tsk.
So abah, here for u.. *wink*
alalalalala~ gmbr kek amik kt google jew mampu nk kasi. tehee~ Sorry abah.. (^___^)v But no worries, next year bila akak da keja akak kasi hadiah plg d bomb kt abah ea. Kalah abg punya hadiah. kekeke.

My Hero

Agak membanggakan bila parents punya tarikh lahir yg sgt cool. Abah time New Year (1/1) and Mama lak anak merdeka (31/8). Sgt senang nk ingat. So, xde alasan ko nk jd anak derhaka lupa birthdaymamabah ea.
By the way, to my heart-throb abah; akak slalu doakn abah panjang umur. Dikurniakan kesejahteraan fizikal dan mental dan juga terhindar dari segala kejahatan, kecelakaan, dan gangguan samada dari manusia mahupun syaitan. Abah kekuatan akak. Abah pelindung akak. Abah raja hati akak. Akak tahu akak x penah sempurna menjalankan tanggung…