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SKINNY, Single & Sassy

Entry kali nie tiada kena mengena ngan 2 perkataan terakhir pd tajuk diatas. Harap maklum. :P

I cuma berminat nk bercakap pasal 'Skinny' je. Okay, first of all.. Skinny diatas bukan bermaksud kedekut ea.. Skinny is kurus kering. teheee~ :DD

Yup, I admit yg I antara golongan skinny. N I'm totally COOL with dat! yeaaaah~ \m/ (n__n) \m/

Because skinny for me is Sexy. LOLOLOL (apsal ea lately nie byk plak ckp psl sexy. ngeee~) (",)

FYI, I bukan sejak dari azali skinny. Nope. Dulu I kinda chubby jugak. hahahaha.. My chubby dat time xde la smpai over weight. I had an ideal BMI yet I do look chubby. (disebabkan faktor pp yg tembam I think.huhu..) o_0

48kgs during 17. lalalala~
(d highest weight I used to have)

N now, I'm 43kgs. heee~ :DD

Maaf diatas p'gunaan recycle pic. (^__^)v

Lots of my girlfriends keep asking me, "diet ke?", "macam mana bole kurus?", "kasi la tips nk bg kurus" n much-much-more.

So, ladies.. Here's for u;

The truth is, I pun x tahu macam mana I boleh lose weight cm gnie.. buahahaha.. (msti korg rasa cam nk tembak I ngan senapang gajah kn)  LOL

Yes, I'm serious. I have no clue at all. (Okay, sila ready ngan senapang gajah anda) :DD

But wait, I do trying to figure it out; how can I lose weight so sudden. (Mind you, I started losing my weight when I was 19)

And at d end of d day, I have some of these guessing. (yg mungkin agak relevant utk diaplikasikan. huhu..)

1. Makan selalu - Mesti korg fikir kan.. macam mana nak lose weight if kena mkn selalu. hehe.. Orait, masa zaman sekolah dlu, I stayed in hostel.. So, diowg da tetapkn jadual mkn utk kte. 5 times per day, rite? N disebabkan jarang-jarang mkn (jarang kew da klaw smpai 5 kali? ngee~) stiap kali time mkn mesti melahap btol2 pnya. Sbb lps tue da x disediakn mknan lg da. But things different when I'm a University's student. I bole decide, ble I nk mkn n pew I nk mkn. So, yes. I mkn kerap. (U noe, it's like after 2-4hours I akan start cri mknan. N obviously I mkn more than 5 times per day rite?. huhu) Tapi...tapi... T-A-P-I.... ngan kuantiti yg sdikit. N bukanlah, stiap kali mkn I mlantak chicken chop, nasi paprik, nasi goreng seafood, etc.. So, wat's actually do I eat? I slalu mkn something yg bole mengenyangkn like biscuit with oat, nestum, drink milk, apple, etc (anything dat is acceptable for my stomach) hehehe.. Fact is, u should noe ur body first. Then only u can decide wat can u eat to maintain ur energy n body in gud condition. Juz dun push it so hard aite!

2. Eating Time!! - During class's days, I will make sure I take my breakfast. Breakfast is IMPORTANT! (tp ble ari xdew class, I slalu gak skip b/fast. ngee~) :DD But, if I x sempat b/fast, I usually akan consume skali jew mknan berat. N it is only at 5p.m n above. So, meaning I da cover 3 dlm 1 which is; mkn skali jew utk b/fst, lunch n dinner. Lps tue, if I still lapar lg I akan mkn something dat is not too heavy like stated in point no. 1. Well, b/fast mmg sgt penting if u really wanna lose weight. Sbb ble u da b/fast, during lunch u da xkn mkn byk as compared if u hadn't have ur b/fast. But if, u mmg jenis yg mkn byk xkira da b/fast or x.. U really have to minimize ur food's consumption during lunch. By hook or by crook ogey!

3. So-called-exercise. tehee~ - Lemme tell u diz, I-HATE-SWEAT!! +____+ Do I exercise? Hell, NO!! :P But we are recommended to exercise 20mins (at least) per day rite? Yet, I have diz routine dat is so-called-exercise, walking n stairs climbing. buahahahaha.. Again, I have diz routine setelah sah sebagai pelajar UiTM. Well, UiTM mmg sgt t'kenal ngan kelebihan mempunyai tangga yg berlebih-lebih-lebihan. *sigh* As referring my earlier statement, dimne I started losing my weight when I was 19 kn.. Ketika itu I merupakan pelajar diploma UiTM semester 4. Mse tue la, my galfwenz da start tegur, "Eh, apsal suar ko cm longgar jew?" Only then bwu I realized yg I da lose some weight. owyeaaaah~ It shows dat, walking n panjat tangga sgt b'kesan utk ilang berat bdn though it may takes some time. huhuhu.. N I still have d same routine until now as a degree student. Masih lg b'jln dan memanjat tangga untuk ke kelas. (N it is about half an hour to get to d class). I jugak kagum ngan my galfwenz cos diowg la sbnrnyew pemangkin I utk panjat tangga. They-choose-stairs-over-elevator!!! DAMN! =___=" Dat is y, over d years I keep slimming bukan bertambah besar. huhu.. o_0 So, my point here.. Keep walking. If ur mum mnta tlg g kdai, jgn naek moto. Jln kaki. If ur dad minta tlg bli newspaper pg2, jgn drive kete.. Jogging g kdai mamak jual newspaper tue. Nk g ofis tingkat 5, xyah susah2 berebut-rebut nk naek lift. Panjat jew tangga tue. Sure u can do it. Jgn malas2 orait!

4. 20mins - I da mcm 20mins-lover lak kn. Dr td asyik mention 20mins-20mins-20mins-dan-20mins-lagi. huhu.. I bwu jugak apply diz 20mins practicing. About a year++ kowt. N it is really works!! So, diz 20mins thingy is actually psl mse yg u bole mnum air sebelum n selepas mkn. Cbe amalkn mnum air 20mins sebelum mkn dan 20mins sesudah mkn. Jgn mkn b'sulamkn air or lps mkn trus mnum air. I noe, it's pretty hard to practice. But believe me, once u'd started u'll get use to it. Bagus utk perut anda kelihatan gorgeous. LOLOLOL Meaning, perut x buncit la!! :p

5. Choosy me - I agak (SANGAT actually) memilih mkanan. So, surely I'm-not-a-food-hunter. Or not even open to try new food either. N it could be d best reason y I susah nk naek berat bdn. teheee~ :DD I kurang consume makanan/minuman yg b'kalori tinggi like mayonnaise (ini mmg I x mkn), chocolate (not my favorite), ayam (I prefer ikan), carbonate drinks (only when I have no choice), etc.. So, here's d thing. Life is about making decision. U have lots of choices actually. N u have dat opportunity to choose d best for u. Juz do / pick d best one ogey. Instead of u order nasi goreng paprik, y not u change it into nasi putih paprik? Those yg goreng2 not really gud cos dew minyak kn. But it's ogey if u wanna have it juz to reward urself. There's a time, I akan reward myself jugak by indulge with cheese cake, pizza, lamb chop, etc. As long as u noe d limit then it'll b ogey. *wink*

Those are basically my guessing towards diz losing weight matter. huhu.. Hopefully, it could be ur simple guideline cos it's kinda not-so-detail. ngee~ :p My highlight is, u have to noe ur body first before u apply any diet practicing aite!

p/s: Point no. 3 - If u guys sukew / dun mind with exercise, juz wt exercise jew la ea.. That point is actually another alternative utk mereka yg sme cm I who dun like exercise. hee~ :DD

pp/s: I bukan dr family yg genetik kurus2 ogey. So, yes. I kne jugak jge pemknan.. Slh or lebih mkn bole wt I gemuk jugak. It is all about discipline.


  1. jyeah! geng skinny! sep skit~

  2. muahahaha.. sgt betul itu! :DD

  3. sumpah nak ikot tips u pu3....
    sbb on my way nk kuwoss....
    ta caya u leh kuwosss......huhu

  4. all d besh dear.. i noe u can do it. *wink*

  5. hhihi tau le ada speed typing pn hehe..panjang nyer penat den bace hee..nice entry =)

  6. muahahahahaha.. aku semangat sket bab nk karang-mengarang nie.. tehee~ :DD

  7. nk kurus gak!!! tp xley nk stop mkn neyh. mcm mne ni sis?? huhu

  8. ishk.. jgn smpai stop mkn. huhu.. cme kurangkn mkn jew.. Plus mkn mkanan yg kurang kalori. Bak kte Noh Hujan, "pelan-pelan kayuh.." ngehngeh~ :p

  9. me also love being skinny. but some ppl just have to annoy me by their words. they said skinny is not preety, aneroxic, llaki x ske la.. how i wish i can be more confident. :/

  10. they're trying to annoy you cos they're jealous. hehe.. neway, u need to love ur body first.. Only then u can have confident.. ;)


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