Saturday, December 25, 2010

P to the O to the Y to the O

Okay, DAH!

X bole letak full record nye. Cos it's gonna make you puke!

Sumpah x bole blah! Ngan suara bajet hot ala-ala bisik. Padahal da lontarkan suara paling kuat. tsk.

Well actually I wanted to upload this video in the "In Person" page. (Cbe tgk diatas sebelah page "Home") Unfortunately, this video is too heavy cos d full lenght is about 4++mins. Kecewa. Demi nk mengubat kekecewaan, ngan agak kurang sifat ke-malu-an, I upload kt sini. lalala~ o_0 (xpe, awal-awal lg da ngaku diri poyo. teeet~)

X kesah la derrr. Asal ko bahagia.

Trima Kaseh.

Terima Kasih.
hee~ :DD


  1. ahahahahaha.. tue la psl. kne bka volume plg kuat. nk lg gempak pkai home theater trus. LOLOL

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  3. haie guys.. thx for inviting me. it's an honor. Will look forward aite! *wink*

  4. sis darling~
    xdengaq.hehe.btw, sis comey dlm video neyh.

  5. ahahaha.. lappy tue la benggong! da ckp kuat2. sowg2 plak tue dlm blik. Da mcm owg gla still x dgr jugak. tsk. skt ati jew. huhu.. neway, thx dear.. mke serabai cm gtue ckp comey. haish.

  6. hehe.nnti wat vid yg laen plak pastu upload kt sini.mne de serabai.i tgk comey jer.sumpah.btoi.

  7. adoi~ dear.. u wt i senyum sowg2 tgh2 pg buta nie. hahaha.. okey-dokey!! nxt time i try record lg skali aite! *wink*