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NERVEmber o_0

Okay, I baru perasan yg sekarang da msuk bulan 11. *sigh* Cpt betul masa berlalu. N I've already finished my last paper last two days. WaaaaaAAAA~ what a bless!! I finally da habis study. Not officially anyway.. Tp next sem I cuma buat practical training je.. There's no more STUDY, ASSIGNMENT, TEST, EXAM blablablabla.. Ouh, sungguh bahagia rasanya.. *winkwinkwink*

N I agak teruja actually nk intern.. Rasa macam x sabar-sabar-sabar.. weeee~ :DD Cuz lepas je habis intern, I da nk keja!!! Like, siyesly???? I da nk keja, Ohmygod!! Rasa macam x layak lg nk bergelar pekerja. ngee~ (p/s: cik syuhada, plz wake up. org lain da keja lama da.. U da nk masuk 24years old baru nk keja suda mau kecoh. Apekah? ) T______T Fine. I masih lg terasa spt baru sweet17. lalalala~ o_0

So, siang td I g amik my thesis yg tlh dihantar ke kedai utk buat hard cover. And bila dpt, I rasa macam relieve gila.. Like FINALLY-I'M-DONE-WITH-MY-THESIS!!! owyeaaaah~ Rasa bangga jugak bila tgk thesis sendiri. huhu.. Nk tgk? Here u go!

Okay, sila berbangga jugak dgn sy. Pleaseeee~ :p

When everything is done, I g makan2 with my old friend, En Que yaaaawww~ Sbb die pun baru je habis buat presentation practical training.. Then mlm ktorg g tgk movie!!!

Kali nie, we're picked d right movie to watch. huhu.. So, I da x experienced d same thing like previously which ktorg tertipu ngan poster. muahahaha..

TAKERS yaaaawwww~

Tell me y u shouldn't watch this movie? Mmg rugi owh kalau x g tgk. SUMPAH-BEST-WA-CKP-LU!! Ngan kewujudan lelaki-lelaki machosegakbergaya dlm cerita nie, mmg sgt layak utk dikategorikan cerita nie AWESOME & SUPERB!! huhuhu..

N tonight, bole la I tdo ngan hati yg gumbira ditahap kepuasan yg maksima. muahahaha.. Thx anyway En Que for the treat. *wink*

p/s: Mr WUG87 said that I really getting on his NERVE.

pp/s: Dude, show me wat u got la.. Xmao ckp ksong je.. wekwekwek~ :p (mode: cari gado.muahahaha)


  1. waaa gempak tajuk tesis tu =) akhirnya lega kn hehe

  2. muahahahaha... ang bole baca kew tajuk thesis aku wei? hee~ :DD

  3. i'm going for industrial training next sem too :) 29hb nov ne start. ehehehe~

  4. owh really dear? awalnyew u guys start?

  5. yup :) diploma di poli, industrial training time sem 4 :) happens that next sem mula disember 2010 itu yg awal mula training.

    and time holiday jgk saya training X__X disember is for holiday. huhuhu~

  6. aiyoo~ ciannyew u dear.. tme semester break u guys wt intern? gud luck dear..

  7. huuuu~ nak lepak+bareng ngn hg lagik!! tp sbtu ngn ahd dh kna prepared utk dgree show!! ri senin dh start!!hg lak blk..isk!!pk psl dgree show,takooottt!!

  8. huu~ tue la psl.. :( neway, gud luck babe 4 ur dgree show.. tingin nk tgk.. tp aku da kne blk. *sigh*

  9. huk~ (toleh kiri lelaju)
    azab gila wea bt dgree show nih.. 2 br dgree show.. ketapi yg laju 2 pn kalah ngn duet yg kami sepah kn utk artwork.. papakedana skg~ (T_T)

  10. xpa2 weih.. once in a life.. lps nie u gonna mish d moment of dgree show.. so, do ur besh aite! all d best to u babe.. muahmuah!!

    p/s: sowie, i can't b there... :(

  11. ouh, it's AWESOME dude! I suggest u to watch it! *wink*


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