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First of all, I'm not d tripper. (^_^)v

Second of all, I enjoy being so-called-tripper-gedik-yg-menyibok-org-b'cuti. muahahahaha.

Sukanye bila boleh menyibuk ala-ala I yg pelancong baru dtg ke tmpt sndri. buahahaha... LoL

Ogey, sorry buat u guys pending sekejap ngan I. hee~ :DD Al-kisahnye, gf abg I n her family dtg Langkawi for 3 days. So, diorg la sebenarnye d TRIPPERS tue. huhu.. I kan tuan uma.. Saja suka-suka nyibok bila diorg g jalan-jalan.. Tp xde la all d time I ikut.. I juz follow diorg time g Island Hopping je. huhu.. T___T

This is my 2nd time actually. I da penah g da dulu with my family. Tp cm suka nk nyibok ngan diorg.. So, I g la lg skali. Best! Tue psl I gedik nk ikut. lalalalala.. o_0

This is d place where we have to wait for d boat.
From left: Me, Wana (standing), mak cik n Sis Nuril (abg's gf)

Our first destination is Tasik Dayang Bunting. Mengikut mitos or lagenda nye (FYI, Langkawi sgt terkenal ngan lagenda) nama Tasik Dayang Bunting di ambil dr nama seorang Bunian dulu kala yg bernama Dayang. N pada masa dulu, ada sorg jejaka telah terjumpa Dayang di tasik tersebut. Diorg jatuh cinta dan kahwin. Dayang bunting tp malangnya ank yg dikandung 7 bulan (if I'm not mistaken) meninggal or something like gugur kot. Dayang sgt berduka cita dan telah mengabadikan anknya dlm tasik tue. So, that's basically how they got d name of Tasik Dayang Bunting. N people believe if diorg yg da lama kawen tp still xde ank, ngan minum or berendam dlm Tasik Dayang Bunting bole mengandung. Allahua'lam. Tue sume kepercayaan lama. Yet, ramai jugak pasangan suami isteri dtg sini cos nk mencuba. hmmm.

p/s: sorry if info I kasi nie salah but u can re-check by urself if dtg Tasik Dayang Bunting. *peace* (^_^)v

pp/s: If u guys perasan gmbar bukit dibelakang antara dua bukit di dpn tue menyerupai bentuk tubuh pmpn mengandung yg sedang terbaring.

So, here we are. Just arrived at Tasik Dayang Bunting.

"SOPAN" betul monkeys kt sana. huhuhu..
Warning: Jgn tiru aksi ini di rumah, pejabat terutama skali di public. :p

Eagle feeding

Here is our last destination, Pantai Beras Basah.

Ktorg 3 decide x mandi.. Tp I ada buat benda lain. *wink*

Main tali ala-ala Tarzan gitue. muahahaha.. o_0

We're done. Da nk blk. N d trip was AWESOME!!

p/s: Those yg ada plan nk bercuti di Langkawi, lemme know. I bole jd ur tourist guide. hee~ :DD


  1. best nyer p island hoping.ngee.
    pic yg i plg ske yg sis posing ala2 tarzan tuh. chantek+sengal sket.

  2. huhu.. u pown da penah g aite? i saw ur pic in fb. hee~ :DD owh, dat pic. mmg sengal pown. muahahaha.. owg tgk jew i maen tali tue. lalalal~ o_0

  3. yerp. tp kn at dat tyme agak penat. so ble smpai tasek dayang bunting ktowg tros tido.hehe.

  4. aiyaa~ tdo?? huhu.. smpat jew ea.. pns kowt kt sna.. cmna u bole tdo.. huuu~ :p


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