Sunday, October 17, 2010

AD Fest 2010

Mesti korg wonder kn apa tue 'AD Fest'?? Orait, AD Fest is actually stands for Advertising Festival. Literally, ADFest nie event wajib every sem utk ktorg student Advertising, MassComm S.Alam. And every sem, venue utk event AD Fest akn bertukar-tukar..

This time AD Fest bertempat di Tanjung Bungah, Penang.. Since venue kali nie agak jaoh so, ktorg buat 3 hari 2 mlm.. Differ from previous sem cuma 2 hari je.. And the best part is ktorg only have to pay RM50 though tempat kali nie jauh.. Ni hasil keberjayaan team yang mencari sponsor. Dana dapat lebih, kurang la kitorg nak kena bayar. hee~ :DD

Day 1

So, this is our room.. I shared with my lovely cayunk, Eifa.. Nampak cm biasa je kan.. Tp yg bestnya bilik nie ada bath tub!! I terus ignore swimming pool n beach. My friends semua sibuk2 terjun swimming pool tp I lebih prefer berendam dlm bath tub. Ouh.. So adorable.. Heart it SO MUUUUCHH!! T______T

AD Talk

At nite, ktorg attended AD Talk prog which is a TALK prog.. The speaker is En. Syam, Creative Director of Dentsu (Advertising Agency) and he is so Charming I'm telling u. So CHARMING okay. (ouh, I guess I'm juz falling in love with him. ngee~ ) :p

2nd Day

Awal pg ktorg gerak ke Rumah Orang Tua Uzur Pulau Pinang dgn memakai baju raya. Weee~ :DD Reason why baju raya is ktorg nk celebrate raya kt sana ngan diorg. For a record, diorg kt sana semuanya chinese. ngee~ So cute tahu bila diorg lyn lagu raya n we dance together. I really have great time with them. Diorg sgt sporting! (^_^)

At night, ktorg ada dinner which call AD Nite. So, AD Nite kali nie bertemakn Halloween. But we are not recommended to wear d actual Halloween costume but more to fairy tale. N I've decided to b a DEVIL. yeaaah~

AD Nite

Evil of Me
My Clazmate with their own character's costume

Devil VS Bunian

The PARTY's started

N we're gone WILD

Last DAY

I left my name there so, Penang will remember me. ngeee~ :p
p/s: AD Fest 2010 is the most COOLEST AD Fest ever! Well DONE guys. :DD


  1. woww~
    sungguh vogue time dinner..

  2. like2345~~ seeing u smiling in all da pics in diz entry.*wink2*

  3. rowena: huhu.. thx dear.. *wink*

    matahari: i'm hepi when u like! :DD

    sweet syaza: thx cayunk! muahx! :x

  4. hottt abesh kamu mlm tu..merah itu seksi =)

  5. tooare: muahahaha.. hot meh? ouch! merah fav kaler mama aku tue. ngee~ :p

  6. 16X32 (salu org ckp 2X5)
    sbijik devil ware prada!!
    aq ska gla klu hg turn jaat!!
    (smbil gelak jht)
    terlalu amat susah nk tgk hg jadik jaat se'round'..

  7. shwaty: muahahaha...i juz love to be a bad gal! :P

  8. candy ^_^

  9. somehow reminds me of the devil wears prada..

  10. devil wears prada? huhu.. y is dat so? hmmm.. (",)