Monday, September 27, 2010

kerana diriku begitu BERHARGA :)

Ogey, sila abaikan title entry di atas. heee~ :DD

X tawu la npew lately kpale I x well functioning. Mungkin disebabkn kejew yg over load - to be specific, our class is handling an event. Yg bakal dan x lme jew lg akan b'lngsung. This coming 11/10/2010. Proudly to tell yg event ktowg nie merge dgn Malay Mail n also with new online advertising agency, SkyAd. This gonna b our BIG event as for our last semester. Yea, nie final year I.. Not really a last semester officially cuz we're now bwu semester 5.. But since next sem ktowg akan wt internship so, diz sem is consider as our last semester in faculty. N....... N.... N....... I SAAAAANGAT teruja ogey!! SANGAT. T_______T

Bukan teruja ngan event tue, tp teruja yg I da x lme lg nk abesh kn sisa-sisa student's life. Weeeeeehuuu~ Yep, I mmg sukew glew ngan student's life. SUMPAH. Klaw dlu, angan2 nk trus sambung Master jew.. Tp skarg prasaan tue da laen. I cm da puas da enjoy as a student. Rsenyew, I'm quite ready nk kejew. heee~ :DD (p/s: Mama, abah.. I'm gonna make u proud... I'm doing good. REAL good. )

Whatever it is, I can feel dat I'm near to close with my dreams. ehem. Terover confidence lak. Sowie~ (^____^) I have two choices of tmpt praktikal which are; TV3 and Astro. So, masih blom tawu lg nk dpt kt mne. Tp I sgt x sbr ogey. X sabar nieh. Btol! Siyesly, I'll go for it. I'll make it work. For myself. (semangat yg sgt b'kobar-kobar ogey. ;p)

So, doakn I ea.. (^_*)

I want it so BAD... DAMN BAD.

p/s: It's ogey, if I xdew rezeki kejew at TV Station nti. Perhaps I'll go for my second option. I nk jd Pramugari. Yeaaay~ Like after 23 years, I bwu tawu cita-cita I. heh. =_____='

pp/s: So, what do u think? (",)


  1. wow,,,go sis,,pramugari?weee~~~sesuai~~~^0^

  2. dear sis, whatever u do, i wish u best of luck tauu..

    wahh, keje di station tv ye??amik jurusan ape ni?

  3. dearie fifi: I amik kos Mass Communication. Major in advertising. hee~ :DD

    syg kelly: da lme pendam nk jd stewardess.. huhu..

  4. stewardess?

    go for it.
    gud luck dear

  5. txh dear.. smangat blaja da xdew skarg.. cm da x sbr sgt nk keja. huhu..

  6. wah2...mintak2 sis dpt kt stesen tv tu ea...
    tapi pramugari pon okehhhh...mesti gojes u.... :P


  7. wuuu~ thx dear syaza.. hopefully pown i bole dpt kt tv station. i want it so bad.. T___T