Saturday, July 10, 2010

** Mie & Me **

It's been a while I'm not updating my blog ha.. Rindu x? hee~ (^_*) Kinda bz + streamyx kt uma prob lak. Adoi~ Merana btol hidup as a student xde internet.. heh.

So many sweet things happened though. Like went for SHOPPING!! (eh??) n.. N.. N... I met my very old guy friend, Yusme (he's my buddy since we're standard 5). Wow!! =DD

Da lme gle x jpe dia, since dia da keje.. Agak sardis ble sume kwn da keje, tgl I je yg still study.. Adoi~ Agak jeles sbnrnye.. Tp it is so much FUN actually. hee~ Noe y? Sbb I dun have to pay anything + he gave me duit blanje!! Terbaek bukan? ngehngeh~ (^_^)v Sangat la baik hati cuz x penah lpe si-student-miskin nie. huu~

Day 1st, I fetched him in Sentul then we went to BB.. Next day, he came S.Alam n we watched movie. Ktorg lepak2 makan sushi n then I brought him to I-City. (yeah, I noe. Again.) heh. Nie da kali yg ke-3 I g I-City. Tp still best cuz diorg da re-arrange lampu2 kt situ n ada byk new things such as tiba2 da ada patung haiwan, skrin besar utk org lepak tgk World Cup, etc..

I forced him to 'm'capap' gak. hee~ :))

Owh, hari pertama b'gaya ngan my new Gladiator. *wink*

N yeah, my new skinny jeans too. Ouch! Lovin it! I bought 2 actually; a long one n diz three quater skinny jeans. hee~ =DD

Dinosaur in I-City. Cool!

Here we are.. Friends Forever.

note: Yusme is one of my best friend ever. We noe each other for a very long time. N the only reason y we're still sticking as a best friend is he never ruin our friendship. I mean, I noe he 'loves' me very much. Syg as a friend of course. Drpd dlu, stiap kali we wanna say 'Gudbye', pesanan wajib utk I adalah, "Ang jga dri leklok tau" He concerns bout me lots n d most important is, he do respect me as a girl n as his girl friend. I noe it's hard to believe in girl n boy being a best friend. But Yusme is a great friend who never break my trustworthy towards him. N dat makes diz friendship is beautiful n genuinely crystal.

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