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10 steps to get the LOOK!

Before nie I da penah tunjuk on How to wear legging aptly. Then I penah gak mentioned indirectly cmne nk maintain our hair in gud condition (refer no. 10) and also The easiest way to make ur hair look different. Diz time, I nk tunjuk lak Steps makeup yg plg sng. Actually, I ada try record tp due to technical prob, I xleh nk upload. So, I sgt gigih m'upload pic utk kamu.. hee~ =DD

I believe most girls tau cmne nk makeup kn.. So, pe yg I tunjuk nie sgt basic for those yg x brape confident nk makeup. There is no wrong or right in steps of makeup. It depends on d individual itself. So, jgn tkut nk try ogey! Owh yea, kamu jugak kne tau sma ada kulit mke kamu sensitif atau tidak ngan makeup n product/brand pew yg sesuai ngan kamu. Take it as a serious matter cuz if u use a wrong product for ur skin, it might effects ur face.. So, be careful. Orait, let's check diz out.

1. Toner

(Alamak, kantoi toner nk abesh da. hee~)

2. Facial moisturiser

Mke selepas disapu toner dan moisturiser.

3. Foundation.

Ada byk jenis foundation. T'pulang pd u guys nk plh yg jenis cream or liquid. Tp yg penting, tone warna foundation msti lbh cerah dr kulit mke ogey.

I pkai foudation dr Elianto yg jenis liquid dan oil free.. Sbb I plh liquid nye die sng nk sapu. N bcuz of kulit mke I b'minyak (bak kte promoter tue) die syorkn I pkai yg oil free nye. Somehow, it works for me n kulit mke I xde prob lg bcoz of diz foundation.

4. Concealer

Kegunaan Concealer nie agak penting (merujuk kpd tips dr channel E!) krn die bole m'bantu menutupi warna / kulit mke yg x sempurna. Concealer antara salah satu item yg WAJIB de dlm handbag I.

5. Compact powder.

It's Elianto as well.

6. Eyeshadow

As a base color, msti la kte pkai wrne putih.

Penggunaan berus jugak harus diambil kira yea..

Skarg pemilihan wrna yg b'sesuaian ngan outfit kowg. Utk diz session, I plh wrna pink and turquoise.

Disebabkn eyeshadow yg I plh tue ada glitter + color nye sgt light so, dlm pic nie nmpk cm de1 color je kn. hmm.. (",)

7. Eyeliner

Eyeliner pon ada jenis nye jugak; liquid n pencil. Tp I plh liquid cuz rse sgt sng. Since mte I agak bulat jugak so, I juz wt 1 garisan halus dan pnjg utk mte I nmpk sdikit kecil dan cm sexy. huhu.. Tp ble kamu nk wt mte kamu nmpk bsr, tebalkn garisan eyeliner tue n lg sng klau gne yg pencil nye..

8. Mascara

Mascara dr L'oreal nie ada 2 yg mmg I sgt ske cuz die bole double extension bulu mte kte.. Kte kne pkai yg wrna putih dlu yea syg.. Then, baru yg wrna itam.

Gigih nk tunjuk jugak hasil slps pkai mascara.. Tp x ckup jelas.. ngee~

9. Blusher

Item yg plg I ske! hee~ Again, dr Elianto jugak. I plh color Rosey Cheeks cuz outfit yg bakal I pkai b'wrna pink! =DD

10. LipIce

Obviously I mmg x pkai lipstick cuz lips I sgt sensitif.. Tp ngan LipIce Sheer Color pon bole wt lips jd lg sexy cuz wrne die thn dan x nmpk kering kt bibir..

C, btol x? (^_^)


Before and After

Cmne? Sng je kn? Slamat m'cbe ogey! =D


  1. suka!santek ouhhh!
    mmg dh lame nk cr tips mekap sempoi2 gini..
    sy xpndai nk pkai liquid eyeliner~~huhuhu..efek die cntek kn..hmm..
    ajar sy!hehehe

  2. thx dear.. yup! liquid could b hard at first. tp klaw slalu practice pkai, insyaAllah lg senang. hee~ i prefer liquid lg. Juz sometimes jew pkai pencil. :D

  3. Wahh , menarik . Memang slalu pakai make up tapi taknak tebal2 . nanti mcm opera cina :) Mimie pun suka liquid eyeliner , but now pakai yg gel . Lebih smooth tau :DD

  4. gel is nice too.. i would love to try some day. hee~ =)

  5. wahhh ! i love this, hey sep sep, I use lipice sheer colour too. its awesome!

  6. kn.. i still using lipice.. it is so gorgeous. *wink*


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