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** it's DIF-Ferent **

Juz finished watching movie.. Tgk cter 'My Name is Khan' rmai2 dpn pc housemate.. Masing2 nk rilex after blk claz td.. Maklum la.. Minggu nie mmg bz gle dgn asmnts.. Naek gle dibuatnye.. Dlm satu ari bley dew 2-3 presentations.. Asmnt nk kne submit.. Test lg.. Adoi~ Smpaikn tdo pon kejap je (owh, it's a matter for me - PENTING tue!), mkn x menentu (xpe, x kesah sgt..), hidup x mcm org, which mandi pon x ikut tme yg spatutnye. Kdg, pkul 3-4 pg baru smpt mndi mlm cuz bz ngan keje, then pg pkul 8.30 da nk kne g claz. Mndi lg skali.. heh. Pas2 d whole day stay kt fakulti, mlm baru smpai uma.. Owh, sgt chaos klau nk cter.. My leg pon da start sengal2 cuz I rse kaki I t'lalu stress kne panjat tngge yg maha tinggi tiap2 ari. Terima kasih UiTM!! huh.

Anyway, back to 'My Name is Khan'.. Cter tue besh.. I mean I c the other view of Karan Johar's movie.. B4 nie, cter die cm byk yg cintan2 kn.. Pas2 da bley predict da ending die cmne.. But diz tme, 'My Name is Khan' is sumthing fresh n unexpected from Karan Johar. Well, I guess he did a very gud job. Yet, maybe bcuz of d hero is Shah Rukh Khan kowt.. hahaha.. Kidding! Cter tue mmg bgus. Yes, Shah Rukh Khan as well.. ngee~ He's so cute dlm cter tue. SANGAT! Tp ble part sdey, mmg I x bley blah. I nangis kowt! haish. Malu2.. Naseb baek x g tgk kt cinema.. Klau x, msti malu nk kuar.. Nti mte merah siap idung b'hingus. hahaha.. Apsal ntah, ati cpt sgt sentap skarg.. Klaw dlu tgk cter hindustan ke, drama sdey2 ke, cm xde prasan pon.. Skarg da allergic.. Even klau dgr lagu starting 'Bersamamu' kt TV3 tue pon ati da sentap.. Pas2 nk b'genang air mata. Adoi~ wat d hell is goin on with me?? Sgt plek.. (",) haish~ cik syuhada.. cik syuhada...

p/s: Hmm.. mybe prasaan kewanitaan smakin t'serlah skarg.. No wonder I TERcoretkan ayat-ayat emo seperti dibawah.. (TER ogey~) =p

Fahamilah aku..
Di ketika aku katakan "Tidak"
Aku sebenarnya memaksudkan "Ya.."

Fahamilah aku..
Di ketika aku katakan "I'm OK.."
Aku sebenarnya memaksudkan "I'm not OK.."

Fahamilah aku..
Di ketika aku katakan "Aku inginkn sesuatu.."
Aku sebenarnya memaksudkan "Aku x ingin.. Tp hanya ingin melihat kesungguhanmu.."

Fahamilah aku..
Di ketika aku katakan "Leave me alone!"
Aku sebenarnya memaksudkan "Please~ stay with me.."

Fahamilah aku..
Di ketika aku bertanyakan "Where are you?"
Aku sebenarnya memaksudkan "I need you rite now.."

Fahamilah aku..
Di ketika aku diam membisu..
Aku sebenarnya mengharapkan dipujuk..

Fahamilah aku..
Di ketika aku katakan "I don't mind"
Aku sebenarnya memaksudkan "I do mind"

Fahamilah aku..
Di ketika aku katakan "Just let me go."
Aku sebenarnya memaksudkan "Please say you Love me so much.."

Fahamilah aku..


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