Thursday, February 4, 2010

: Dramatic valentine DREAMY :

VALENTINE.. hmm.. I ain't celebrate it.. (half of me said.) = My bf didn't like it. I mean d celebration of d valentine itself. He has his own belief n I totes understand. It juz I have a dream to have sumthing special on dat day like other girls have too.. Not on purpose to celebrate it but to take it as a chance to show d appreciation towards ur lover. It isn't wrong rite?

Nape ntah tetibe ckp psl valentine nieh? (",) heh. Ogey2.. Actually, I t'pndang + bce ad kt fakulti I bout Valentine's gift. So, for Mass Comm (S.Alam) students u can have it one too. (I mean buy it for ur love one) Sgt chomeyl + harga pon b'patutan. For those yg maybe senasib ngan I which ur gf/bf didn't celebrate it, u also can buy for urself (sbb gift 2 chomeyl). huhuhu.. [ishk, da t'lbey promote nie] ngee~ I pon x smpat bce smpai abesh cuz Im on d run to my claz. (perhaps it worthless to read.wt sedey jew.) heh. Tp I smpat snap cuz ingt nk smbung bce dlm claz, tgk2 pic lak x clear. adoi~ bengong tol!

Sorry, pic kureng clear. Xpe, u can read by urself kt fac nti.

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