Saturday, January 23, 2010

:: Girls LOVE This ::

Methods of KISSES
Kiss on the ear ="I’m Horny"
Kiss on the hand ="We’re Friends"
Kiss on the cheek ="I Adore you"
Kiss on the shoulder ="I Want You"
Kiss on the lips ="I Love You"

Holding hands ="We Can Learn To Love Each Other "
A Wink ="Let’s Get It On"
Slap on the butt ="Watch Out"
Playing on the ear ="I Can’t Live Without You"
Arms around the waist ="I Love You Too Much To Let Go"
Pulling hair on head ="Tell Me You Love Me"
Looking into each other’s eyes ="Let’s Get Romantic"
Holding on tight ="Don’t Let Go"

But I love diz kind of kiss.

p/s: Will anyone tell me the meaning of diz methods? ngee~

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