Friday, November 6, 2009

What Are They UP To?

What is the hell goin on wit these people? I reckon why they are so-called "CONCERN" bout me? Who they think they are? Juz fuckin' leave me ALONE n stay out of my SHIT! Get a life BITCH. Trust me, I'm not gonna let u SCREW wit me. Watever u dish out, u're goin to get back double. U're not one of my GIRL. Otherwise, it's too bad 4 u cuz I'm goin to let u go as my FUCKIN' BITCH-BASTARD-PATHETIC JERK rather than to keep U as an ASS. Mind you, I dun keep any such of PLASTIC people as my GIRL n u're STUPID to get dat. Wat r u tryin to pull anyway huh? Search everything bout me; wat shampoo do I use, who I'm goin out wit, where do I go stay out nite long, n blablabla. HELL, it's none of ur business. I dun even care who u r, wat is up wit ur life either still alive or not, then y u have to CARE bout mine? Juz SHUT yourself OUT of my LIFE. LAY OFF ME! n dat's it.

p/s: 1 of my girl says to me dat they r juz too 'CONCERN' bout me n I'm juz like a CELEBRITY (not d claimed one) dat they wanted to noe everything bout me so bad. Juz like paparazzi do. Well, proud to noe dat but it doesn't change any part of me to HATE 'em n thx 4 givin me a chance 2 have d feelings of HATING. Its girl's stuff anyway. Dun bother.

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